Pattyann McCarthy


Pattyann is the winner of Flash Frenzy round 67. You can read her winning story here.

Pattyann is a feisty redhead who got a late start. She’s always created stories, but after her twenty-five year ‘Merry-Go-Round’ marriage ended, she decided to go for the ‘golden ring!’ She’s not ashamed to say, “I’m a competition junkie!” She love the rush of adrenaline when the announcements are made, and win or lose; she keeps going, learning and growing from the experience. Loving options, you can always catch her with several stories on her plate any given day, and writing outdoors is a drug to her. She’s going for the gold, and it feels so good!

Pattyann is splattering her work across the web! You can find her published stories at and recently one of her stories, ‘Intervention’ placed 3rd Right now, She’s got 6 open competitions that she’s excitedly awaiting to hear from! She LOVES what she does . . .WRITING! It’s her drug of choice!


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