Karl Russell


Karl Russell is the winner of Flash Frenzy Rounds 1,2, 3 and 6!

Read his winning stories hereherehere, and here.

Karl comes from the North West of England, where he lives with his wife and four year old daughter (his toughest critics). He’s been writing on and off for his whole life, but only started to actually finish and submit things a couple of years ago, when the spectre of turning 40 started looming in the not too distant future.

Since then, his work has been selected for prizes by authors Ramsey Campbell , Mike Carey  and William Nicholson, and been shortlisted on websites like 1000 Words and the mighty Flash! Friday.

He is currently working on a novel, which he might get to the end of this time, if  he don’t waste all his spare moments on Twitter.

Follow Karl on Twitter – @Karl_A_Russell


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