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Merry Christmas! I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday filled with joy and love. Week after week the flashdogs give their all to create stories for The Angry Hourglass, and now it’s time for me to give back. Below is a list of the winning stories from the past 22 rounds of Flash Frenzy. You have until Dec 30th to vote for your favorite (get your friends to vote, too!).

You can vote once every 12 hours, and the three authors with the most votes will win Amazon gift cards. So, return and enjoy your favorite stories again, and stay tuned for the winners. 😀


Wow you guys. Many of you know I was out of town with very limited internet access this weekend, and when I got home and saw how many comments had accumulated during my absence, I was certain I’d be deleting spam for an hour. I was shocked and delighted to see that there was not a single spam message in the bunch, only lots and lots of entries and comments from the flash community. And they just kept coming!

I often hear people speak of the writer’s life as being lonely and filled with nothing but disappointment and rejection. I’ll admit, sometimes it feels that way, but next time I slip into that defeatist attitude, I’ll revisit  this site and remind myself that I’m not really alone. That there is a whole community of great people rooting for each other to succeed. You guys rock.

Okay, enough from me. You guys want to know which of this weeks great entries make the cut. Here is what Judge Image Ronin had to say:

Thank you!

Is about all I can say in regards to this week’s task of judging the array of submissions to the Angry Hourglass. From coping with threats of a romance tsunami to having to adopt an alter ego of a childhood hero to dispense judgment, the question of choosing just one tale was beyond difficult. Even when I convinced my better half to collate, cut and paste, and drop all into anonymity for me to judge I still found myself consumed by fables of poisoned potions, unrequited love, sagas of murderous doctors, malevolent shopkeepers to aspiring authors – the sheer range of narratives was overwhelming in their differing innovative approaches.

This is the reality though of what flash fiction is about, the opportunity as writers to stretch, test, tease at the fabric of our own creativity. As I’m sure we all appreciate certain prompts can lead us down well worn routes, yet I found myself beguiled by people tormented by desire, mandates for Flash Fiction, Jekyll & Hyde employers, obsessive love and poisonous desires.

So a huge thank-you to all twenty three writers who submitted work, I genuinely found pleasure, delight, terror and all stops in between with each piece. Each and every piece deserved some accolade, compliment or recognition. So I hope you will accept my gratitude for making me work so hard in coming to a decision.

Well you all know by now that (adopting a decent Highlander accent) there can be only one. These three were the tales I couldn’t shake out of my head a day later.

Second Runner Up

Chris Milam: Becky in a Bottle

“Atmosphere I love a party with an […] atmosphere” a poet for the ages once mused and Chris Milam delivered an unsettling tale soaked in atmosphere. There were numerous tales this week of adoration and potions, yet Becky in A Bottle took us there, and then way beyond the frame. The lament to a lost past and the desire to return was explored and then interwoven into a horror motif that left one repulsed. I found myself pondering the origin of the liver, the fate of our narrator’s past adorations, capped off by his messianic pose. Wonderful.

Runner Up

Karl A Russell: Final Solution.

That title, such an important component of flash writing, made my heart quicken, wondering where this was going to go. This week there had been a lot of doctors/medics forced into action, shaping potions to redefine worlds. For a moment I wondered if we were following another Fazir forced into toppling his friend for the sake of his country’s future. However, as with all things by Karl, the layers were peeled back with artful asides, the anxiety relieved as the doctor is transformed from genocidal participant into a savior. That final line, revealing our medic is in fact a priest fighting against an unholy foe was just wonderfully satisfying for this reader.



And for week 36, a brand new Flash Master!


 Rebekah Postupak

with The Gift Box

 I found myself lured in from the outset by the structure of the tale, the repetition of time and ritual, layers that delivered a dystopian fairytale. The shadow of the husband loomed large, a benefactor rewarding his wife’s loyalty with gifts that derived only pleasure for him. Gifts that seemingly denoted adoration but were tokens to the balance of their relationship, the power, the desire and the truth of his respect for her that faded with each passing year. The pay off at the end, the quip, the hidden workshop … not only brought closure and a satisfying end, but also hinted at the events that followed. I found myself days later wondering about the relationship between the Tiny Creature and the husband, each thought getting darker, twisting deeper.

A fabulous example of what flash fiction is about and my winner.

Congratulations Rebekah! Your story will be featured tomorrow as the HumpDay Quickie. Please contact me here with any bio information, publications, links to personal sites, or any other information you would like to appear on your winner’s page.

Many thanks to Image Ronin for judging this week. Next week, Karl A. Russell returns to the judge’s seat. Can’t wait to see what you all have in-store. See you on Saturday!