Flash Frenzy Farewell — for now…

Posted: August 10, 2017 in Uncategorized

Hello, friends.

I know it’s been a while, and I apologize for the extended period of silence on my part. I’ve started and stopped writing this post a dozen times or more over the past few months, trying to decide how much to say, but in the end the reasons don’t matter much and knowing the details won’t change the outcome.

I’d like to say how thankful I am for everyone who has volunteered their time, contributed photographs, and written stories over the past few years. This feeling of community and sharing is part of why I’ve struggled so much with the idea of stopping my work on this site. I’ve spent a great deal of time running scenarios through my mind in which I’m able to continue hosting weekly flash contests, but I only have so much time and energy, and I’ve finally accepted that I can’t do everything.

All this to say that, as of now, The Angry Hourglass/Flash Frenzy is officially on an indefinite hiatus. I still have hopes that at some point in the future it may return in one form or another. I’m certainly open to suggestions.

From the very bottom of my heart thank you, thank you, thank you! For every word written and read, every comment posted, every judge who faced the frenzy. I have never felt more happy or accepted as I have in the writing community. You are all family in my eyes. Be kind to one another, and don’t be strangers. Until next time…



  1. Angelique Pacheco says:

    Thanks for everything. I learnt a lot from everyone here and you have to do what’s right for you. Hope to see you host this page in the future. Good luck! Ange x

  2. zanzaboonda says:

    Thank you so much for everything that you’ve done. I really do know how difficult it is. That said, I am saddened to see it go. But I do wish you the best of luck.

  3. Goddamn! I know I haven’t participated in a very long time, but this still feels very yuk. I think a part of my writing life is now officially over. Thanks and good luck!

  4. Rebekah Postupak says:

    Nothing but love. Be well. ❤

  5. Thank you for creating this place and the time and attention you have dedicated to it; I consider myself fortunate to have been a very small part of this and will carry that with me, and for that I am most grateful. It has been a delight. All the best in your future endeavours and wishing you joy and success.

  6. zevonesque says:

    A real shame to see it go (or pause). But time is such a difficult resource for us to mine and I understand. Thanks for the great challenges we’ve had. It was always great looking forward to seeing what the photo would elicit from the writers and they were always brilliant (so much so that one year my official writing goal No.1 was to ‘win’ AH just once). Best wishes and see you around!!

  7. Thank you for the time and effort you put into running this place. I wrote some of my favourite pieces for the Hourglass, and it gave me my first ever Flash Fiction win (for which I shall be forever grateful). I also enjoyed my turn at judging, so thank you for that opportunity.

    Best of luck in your future endeavors.

  8. I have been away from the blogging world for quite some time. I am saddened to see you are no longer here, but understand life can take us in new directions. I hope you do well in what ever you do next. I will forever remember this as the first place I ever read flash fiction and gave it a shot. So glad I did! Farewell and good luck in life.

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