Flash Frenzy Free For All: Rerun

Posted: June 3, 2017 in Flash Frenzy Free For All
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In searching for a unique challenge this weekend, I discovered that today (June 3) is REPEAT DAY! Apparently, repeat Day is an opportunity to do things over and over again. So for this week’s free for all challenge, you get to go back through all the photo prompts from previous weeks’ challenges, choose any of them, and write a new story. In addition to your Twitter handle and word count, please also include with your submissions which photo inspired you (ie: Flash Frenzy Round 1). Click HERE to start scrolling through the past and find the moment(s) you’d like to experience over and over again. 🙂 Have fun!!


  1. Jaime Burchardt says:

    “That Blue World”
    by Jaime Burchardt
    Word Count: 222
    Flash Frenzy Round 129

    With her eyes closed, he held her the same way years ago, back when they barely knew each other. And just like then, he held her for the support. Her support. She grabbed the ground, the rocks; with her hands like it was the first time her hands felt anything. She could feel his heart beating softly on her spine, and it was soothing to her. It made her heart slow down just a bit more. Never mind that they just escaped the mindless thugs looking for them; at this moment it was about his want to calm her nerves. They were far from ok, they both knew that, but in that moment of tenderness, everything was fine. Legs tired, feet blistered, and brains racked. It didn’t matter, not to him, because he knew what she was doing was right; it was what she believed in. So they rested for a short while, and he held her. Held her soul.

    She snapped out of the memory, realizing she was sitting in the same way on patch of land instead of the pebble-layered beach. And she was alone. That was a lifetime ago, but she could still feel his heart beat on her back. Her hand clenched the grass, trying to remember the feeling once more before going back to the real world.

  2. ewansmithxxx says:

    360 words
    (based on Flash Frenzy Round 24)

    The Empty Chairs

    Derek set the chairs out carefully. This time they were to be in curved rows split in two, with an aisle down the middle for the bride and groom to process along.
    The chairs were set out in different ways depending on what the community hall was being used for. For public meetings, they would be in straight rows; for discos and dances they would be around the walls; AA liked them in two concentric circles, while for the children’s drama group it was three sides of a square.
    But no matter what the arrangement, Derek set the chairs out carefully. It was a matter of pride. He had been caretaker of the hall for almost ten years now and, virtually every day, he set the chairs out for some event of other.
    The emptiness of the chairs as he set them out had always spoken to him. They had seemed emblematic of his life somehow; close to people and their activities but never quite involved.
    He hadn’t really minded the loneliness of his life. In fact, he sometimes found other people an irritant. That was certainly the case when the Hall Committee decided to hire a regular cleaner.
    “You’re 70, Derek,” the chairman said firmly. “You need to take things easier.” So Maizie Freeman took over his cleaning responsibilities.
    He found it difficult at first. She just wouldn’t leave him be; chattering about her neighbours, making cups of tea, asking his opinion about some TV programme or other, laughing at a joke she’d heard. But over time, they gradually settled into a workable routine.
    Derek looked round the hall. It did look well with the flowers, the banners, the bunting, the balloons. He heard the squeak of the swing doors behind him; the guests were arriving.
    “There you are, Derek.” He looked at Maizie and his heart swelled at the sight of her in the simple wedding dress. She came over, holding out her hand and he took it; so calloused and rough, but so sweet. “Are you ready, my dear?” He nodded, blinking away some sudden tears. She looked at the sixty empty chairs. “Let’s sit down then.”

    • Voima Oy says:

      Wonderful story! Such vivid characters. I love the surprise at the end.

      • ewansmithxxx says:

        Thanks, Voima. I grew to like the piece as I wrote it. So I’m currently working it up into a longer story, hopefully for publication. Fingers crossed!

  3. Voima Oy says:

    Scenario 99
    256 words
    Round 99

    Fay, Jay, Kay, May and Ray waited outside the conference room for Boss. In the meantime, they speculated what could be the purpose of the meeting. Hadn’t the latest simulations been successful?

    Boss arrived, barely noticing the waiting clones. The conference room was dominated by a long ancient wood table and floor to ceiling windows. They could see a blue sky and tall buildings. It was as perfect as a simulation. May thought about algorithms for the clouds.

    “There’s been a problem,” Boss said. “Scenario 99 is showing signs of instability. Gravity fluctuations. Let me show you.”

    They played the scenario–a winding bike trail through wooded hills. They could hear the swishing of summer grass. A crow called. “I made that crow,” said May. “It’s a nice touch, don’t you think?”

    The scenario continued up a hill, the bicycle moving through patches of sun and shade. “I made that, said Ray. “That dappled light. The Japanese have a name for it. Komorebi.”

    “I applauds your attention to detail,” said Boss. “But who designed the rock in the path and the bike crashing into that tree?”

    “It’s an oak tree,” said Fay.

    “It’s a granite boulder,” said Kay. “But I didn’t put it there.”

    “Don’t look at me,” Jay said. “I didn’t make the gravity.”

    “Never mind,” said Boss. “Just fix it. Do it again. My Boss wants the 99 Scenarios by Tuesday.”

    “Sure thing, Boss,” the clones chorused. They headed back to their stations.

    “I like that bike scenario, said May. “This time, let’s make it fly.”

  4. ewansmithxxx says:

    Super concept, Voima. A group of clones are occupied in endless drudge work until, one day, a different future unexpectedly beckons… Insert clapping hands emoji here : – )

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