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Posted: May 20, 2017 in Flash Frenzy Free For All
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Happy Saturday! I hope this weekend finds you all well and ready to write. We’ve got another Free For All this weekend, and since there’s no judging, I’m INCREASING the maximum word count for this week’s stories from 360 to 500. Have fun with all those extra words!


photo courtesy Ashwin Rao

  1. ewansmithxxx says:

    500 words

    Daddy’s Special Story

    “Can we come inside now, Mummy?”
    “Not just yet, dear. Daddy is still working on his special story.”
    “He’s been working on it for a very long time.”
    “That’s because his story has to be longer this week.”
    “Because the word limit has been changed. Normally the word limit for his special stories is 360 words but this week it has been changed to 500 words.”
    “Daddy doesn’t like changes, does he, Mummy?”
    “Well no he doesn’t really, dear.”
    “It makes him all fussy, doesn’t it, Mummy?”
    “A little bit, dear.”
    “Was that why he was shouting earlier?”
    “He wasn’t shouting, dear, he was just being expressive. Artists like him are often expressive.”
    “And today he was being expressive about Lady Hazsplat.”
    “Hazmat, dear.”
    “Does Lady Hazmat not know about Daddy, Mummy?”
    “It seems not, dear.”
    “He likes everything just so, doesn’t he, Mummy?”
    “He does, dear.”
    “He likes to follow routines, doesn’t he, Mummy?”
    “He certainly does, dear.”
    “Like he always gets up at the same time every morning so that he can shout at the plankers on Thought For The Day while he’s brushing his teeth.”
    “Plonkers, dear.”
    “And he always wants to take me to school on Thursdays because that’s the day Miss Baxter wears her special outfit to teach us PE.”
    “And he always locks your bedroom door on Sunday afternoon for half an hour so that the two of you can repopulate the spreadsheet of your marriage.”
    “Hang on, about Thursdays…”
    “Will Daddy be repopulating the spreadsheet of your marriage tomorrow, Mummy?”
    “Not if I have anything to do with it.”
    “Maybe Daddy would like me to help him with his special story this week, Mummy?”
    “I doubt it, dear.”
    “I could write some fronted adverbials for him. We learnt about them in school this week.”
    “Goodness, lucky you.”
    “Miss Baxter says we should always include them in our writing even though they’re pollocks.”
    “Pardon, Mummy?”
    “Sorry, dear. I forgot myself for a moment.”
    “Daddy used that word when he was talking about Lady Hazmat.”
    “Did he now?”
    “Perhaps she would like some help with her fronted adverbials too.”
    “I’m sure she’d appreciate the offer.”
    “How much longer will Daddy be, Mummy?”
    “Uh…let’s see…128 more words.”
    “Do you know what the story’s about?”
    “Life…other people…families…”
    “Will there be any Essay Ecks in it?”
    “Any what?”
    “Miss Baxter says that her favourite books have lots of Essay Ecks in them, which is more than she can say for most of the men she dates.”
    “I’m beginning to worry about her.”
    “Will Daddy’s story have a big finish, Mummy?”
    “I’m not sure, dear.”
    “Miss Baxter says that she likes a big finish, though she’s given up hoping for it from most of the men she dates.”
    “Well to be fair to Daddy, he’s not bad these days when it comes to a big finish. “
    “Maybe he could show his big finish to Miss Baxter, Mummy?”
    “Unfortunately for him, dear, he’s run out of

  2. jmwwriting says:

    by J.M. Williams
    (493 words)

    Zajur was starting to reconsider his choice of vessels.

    There certainly had been benefits to choosing a young body, the main one being the lack of any willful resistance. Zajur had never been a very industrious demon.

    He had spoken to the little blond-haired girl, in the chaotic depths of her juvenile mind.

    “I will give you anything you want,” he had whispered.

    He hadn’t expected his part of the contract to be something as trivial as a pack of chocolate cookies. Fulfilling his end of the deal had been easy. He was now in control of the girl’s body, and yet there was little he could do with it.

    Zajur was seriously regretting choosing a child as his vessel.

    He needed to get up to the second floor of the large office building. But parents stood watch over the back entrance like the hounds that guarded the gates of hell.

    “The party is outside, Sally,” they would say. “Go play with your friends.”

    Zajur needed to get inside, needed to find the tainted emerald which had been foolishly abandoned in one of the company’s public relation manager’s desk drawers. The stone was coated in the blood of angels. It had been buried in the earth for millennia before being mined out and set in a cheap, forgettable gold ring. Zajur needed the stone or his master would do unkind things to the lesser demon.

    “But I want to go inside,” Zajur said with Sally’s voice. He hated the way the young vocal cords squealed and cracked. The sound lacked any force of intimidation.

    “You stop that right now, young lady,” a tall, blond woman said to him.

    “Let me inside now!” Zajur stomped his little feet to empower his point.

    “If you don’t stop, I’ll put you in time out.”

    “You wouldn’t dare.”

    “Watch me!”

    The woman snatched Zajur’s tiny borrowed body by the wrist and opened the office door. She dragged him up the stairs, ignoring the concerned glances of the other parents as she stormed by. She brought him into a small office and shut the door behind them.

    “Now you’re going to stay in here by yourself until your attitude improves!” The woman glared down at Zajur, her eyes filled with a fire he had seen countless times before.

    After the woman left, Zajur took a moment to examine his surroundings. There was a trim, modern desk on one side of the room, and vibrant posters on the opposite wall. This was the place, his ultimate destination. He could feel the taint of the emerald emanating from the desk. His mission was almost complete. There would be no lashings with a flaming whip this time.

    Zajur stumbled over to the front of the desk, still not used to the wobbly little legs of his vessel. He grabbed the handle of the desk’s only drawer and yanked with all the might the little arms could manage.

    It was locked tight.

  3. […] I posted a story entitled “The Struggles of Being a Lazy Demon” in The Angry Hourglass’s “Flash Frenzy Free for All” this week. My story is the second from the top. You can find the page HERE. […]

    • ewansmithxxx says:

      Hmm, was it really you? Or was it rather a writing demon who had taken temporary control of the fragile vessel of your imperfect body? 🤔

  4. […] the Flash Frenzy period is up. It wasn’t much of a party, I must say. Bad timing, perhaps. Or maybe nobody […]

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