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Posted: May 13, 2017 in Flash Frenzy Free For All
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Hello all! Welcome to another Flash Frenzy Free for All! No judges, no time limits, all flash. Regular programming will resume shortly, so keep an eye on your Twitter DMs as I’ll be soliciting judges soon. In the meantime, enjoy this week’s stress-free photo prompt.


  1. Galleon Stranded On The Ocean
    by Steve Lodge
    339 words

    “You are deranged, you know that?” said Pippa as she sat on the balcony overlooking the sea (and the rent).

    “Look, darling, you know I’m not cruel. I just don’t think that wig suits you. Some of the ones you have are top-notch, but that one…. Look, here’s what you do. You take it off your head, wrap it round a cricket ball, sellotape it good and tight, then throw it over one of those clouds.”

    “Don’t be a twat, Rodney. Pour me some of that wine.”

    “You know, looking at it from here, the wine looks darker in my glass than yours. Did you not clean mine properly?”

    “You’re irritating me today. The difference in colour is obviously because I laced your glass with farm-strength rat poison.”

    “I knew hanging out with you today was going to be a mistake. I’m glad your stage name is Pippa Labitch.”

    “Labeech, Labeech. After the tree. I’d like to see your testicles wrapped either side of a beech tree”

    “I thought you said you never wanted to see that area of my anatomy ever again.” Rodney snorted and refilled both glasses. As he sat down, he looked down at the sea, which was ebbing.
    “Even the sea is running away from you. It’s that wig. We won’t see a galleon stuffed full of treasure out there today.” He sniffed, then sat up in his chair, “Hey, though” he said “Look at her by the seashore there. I bet you $500 that she’s just going to walk into the sea. You know, end it all. Close the chapter. Go for dinner with Neptune. Kermit sui…”

    “You’re the muppet. Why would she take her dog for a walk if she was going to end it all? Answer me that, you drama queen.”

    Rodney looked up and down the beach. “I don’t see a dog.”

    Pippa then looked too. “I could have sworn…”

    Rodney smiled. “So…do we have a bet?”

    Pippa groaned. “You are a heartless, callous arsewipe. I’m so glad you’re my agent.”

  2. ewansmithxxx says:

    344 words


    In fact, the game didn’t prove particularly popular. It was launched with great acclaim; even a few TV ads. “Create Your PЯFCT Partner! Create Your PЯFCT Family!” But the initial flurry of excitement didn’t last. Gamers moved quickly on.
    However, Laven was hooked from the start. There was something so fresh about the idea of having a new partner at his age. Just a virtual one, of course, and just for fun. But the uncertainty, the thrill.
    He had to work hard on his relationship with Caitlin. Ignore her and she might drift away. Too often in life, Laven had let other people down through a selfish regard for his own needs and desires. He was determined not to let that happen here.
    Not that spending time with Caitlin was a chore; she was bright, funny, sexy. It was strange; being with her made him feel complete in some way. And when she became pregnant for the first time, their happiness couldn’t have felt more real.
    Of course, having a family took up his time but that’s part of the deal. When tiny Greta had her heart problems, he spent those nights by her bedside. When the twins got into trouble with the police, he was there for them. And after that business between Caitlin and her boss, Laven committed himself fully to the marriage guidance process. You have to work to maintain proper relationships; that’s a given.

    “Laven – your wine.”
    “Your wine! I’ve poured you a glass of wine.”
    “Oh. Thanks.”
    “We need to sort this out. It’s becoming ridiculous. The two of us never talk these days. We never spend any time together. It’s like we’re living separate lives.”
    “That’s right,” Laven murmured.
    “And as for the other…well, you seem to have lost interest in that completely.”
    Laven’s eyes narrowed, a slight frown creasing his forehead.
    “Laven – will you put your bloody phone down!”
    It was Caitlin. Her parents had taken the children out for the day. They had the house to themselves. His lips twitched in a smile.

  3. crsmith2016 says:


    337 words

    Weekend Getaway

    When the police arrived they found two half-filled glasses. It all looked very civilised. Fantastic views. A bottle of red — or maybe more, if the empties in the kitchen were anything to go by. It was idilic. The silence only broken by crashing waves as daylight beckoned. The weather had been clement the entire weekend, which went some way to explaining why the patio doors were wide open. Despite this, nothing on the veranda indicated what had happened to the holidaying couple.

    The bathroom told a different story. From the door it was obvious something terrible had occurred. The mirror was smashed to pieces. A mosaic of glass glinted from the pool of red washing the black slate floor. Splattered arcs of blood dripped down two of the white-tiled walls into the bathtub. On the opposite side a cupboard door hung off its hinges exposing the jumble of toppled jars and bottles contained within. But there was still no sign of the couple. It was puzzling. They didn’t seem to have any luggage. Their hire car wasn’t in the drive, either.

    Several of the windows at the front of the chalet were open. An assailant could have let themselves in with ease. Being such a remote stretch of coastline, the only information the police had to go on was the emergency call made by the woman in the early hours of Monday morning. She was shouting something about her husband. The distressed call was hard to decipher, delaying the investigation slightly while they waited for the recording to be enhanced. An unexpected sound was picked up in the background.

    The chainsaw was in the garage. A trail of bloody footprints pointed the way. On closer inspection, a chunk of hair was caught between the links — blond hair, same as the missing woman’s. Everything was pointing towards the husband. Until a call came in saying bits of him were spread across the beach. DI Jones rubbed his stubble. It was going to be a long day.

  4. @GeoffHolme
    Word Count: 191

    [ This is an amended version of a story I wrote in December 2014 for Rebekah Postupak’s Flash! Friday (Y3W1). It had an almost identical photo prompt ]

    One Grey Night It Happened…

    When I woke this morning, I found myself humming “Puff The Magic Dragon”.

    As a kid, I loved that song. I used to play the single incessantly on my older sister’s Dansette. But one day, she stormed into her bedroom, snatched the disc from the turntable and smashed it on her bedpost, before throwing me out on the landing and slamming the door.

    I began scribbling stories about Puff, with me as his companion. I never did kick the writing habit. Twenty-three years later, I penned my Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, and married my agent.

    Until cancer took Claudette, the story of our life together lasted 33 years; through the ups and downs, it remained a page-turner to the end. Like a book that weaves its way into your soul, it left me wanting more.

    After that, I never read or wrote another.

    I sold up, move out west and built this place overlooking the ocean. I called it “Honalee”.

    Each year, on our anniversary, I pour two glasses of Malbec, place one on the veranda rail and raise the other in a toast, as the sun frolics in the autumn mist.

  5. Jaime Burchardt says:

    “Feeling Alright”
    by Jaime Burchardt
    318 Words

    Rita let out a deep sigh as she sat; observing the clouds doing a slow dance that felt like it was just for her. It was as if the powers above, whoever they may be, knew she needed a few minutes of peace, or even just one minute. She picked up one of the glasses of cheap wine in front of her. The other was left behind by Brad, her partner in crime. After working together in the music business in three years, she thought Brad would’ve found a way to relax for a bit before putting out fires. Then again, maybe it wasn’t the idea hold a recording session for The Funkos’ next album at his beach property. “Total isolation to let the crazy loose.” That was the pitch Rita created, and she was proud to throw it at the band. Three days into production and everyone was at each other’s throats. She let out another sigh as the shouting match between Brad and the lead singer leaked into her atmosphere. A few moments later, Brad came out in a huff. “This is a good idea?” he asked, glaring at Rita. She couldn’t hold back her smile. “They wanted to record an album about the end of the world. The sky, the beach…you can’t embrace the end until you see what you’re about to lose.” Brad scratched his head. He asked, “Yeah but you don’t really believe that, do you?” Rita took another sip. “I’m already drunk, Brad. And I suggest you sit back down and drink some of this wine that you clearly lied about being a good year.” Brad slowly made his way back to his chair. “I don’t want spend the end with you,” he said as Rita handed him his glass. “Ditto,” she replied. The two resumed their drinking as the band rocked out to the point of madness, screaming about the downfall.

  6. Voima Oy says:

    “I don’t want to spend the end with you” — what a great line. Excellent story!

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