Round 134: Winners

Posted: April 11, 2017 in Uncategorized

Happy Tuesday, friends! Before we get to the winners, I have a quick announcement. Due to an exceptionally busy second half of the month, The Angry Hourglass will be taking a brief hiatus while I wrangle my life back into a functional order. Flash Frenzy will resume May 6.

I’d like to say thanks to everyone who submitted work this past weekend, and I tip my hat to those of you who completed the special challenge. Thanks also to Jaime for issuing the challenge and judging the results. You’ll find his top picks below.

Hey folks! First off I just wanted to say it’s a pleasure being back to be a judge here. It’s a great opportunity to read new works and see new talents. This round delivered just that, as well as some flash gems. Thank you to everyone who participated!

3rd Place: ewansmithxxx – “Dream Job”

I’m a sucker for stories that are just dialogue (hence this week’s challenge), so thanks to Ewan we’re given a nifty spin on a scandal. The gloves and the countdown were nice touches, sir!

2nd Place: Stella Turner – “Traveling in the Heat”

The letter format was the obvious thing that stood out about it. The way it developed onward from its seemingly innocent beginning, however, is the real payoff. And the sign off.

And our Round 134 FLASH MASTER is..


KM Zafari


“Festival of Love”

I’m always hopeful of reading fresh and inspiring works whenever I judge. I didn’t expect to be knocked on my ass with a final sentence like that. Engaging, romantic, and heartbreaking. Excellent job on this one.

Congratulations, K.M.! Your story will be featured as tomorrow’s HumpDay Quickie!

And that’s it! A short, sweet winners post before our short, hopefully sweet break. I hope everyone will check back in a few weeks for Round 135. In the meantime, satisfy your thirst for fiction by checking out THE INFERNAL CLOCK.  Cheers!

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