HumpDay Quickie #121

Posted: January 11, 2017 in Hump-Day Quickies
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by Ewan Smith

For as long as time itself, Mother Owl had been considered the wisest among the Birds. Always, it was to her that they turned for sense and guidance.
“For shame, Birds!” she cried this day, her voice shaking with rage. “Look at those trees. What do you see?”
Sparrow, hopping about the grass, stopped and looked up. High above her were crows, dark and foreboding. Wren, gripping close to a trunk, saw their vicious beaks and shuddered. Starling flying in quick curves and arcs through the sky, screeched in protest. Never would he land in a tree infested by crows.
“We have allowed one group amongst us to become despised and rejected,” snarled Mother Owl. “Shame on us! Shame!”
Seagull bustled forward, pushing smaller birds carelessly out of his way. “Crows aren’t like us,” he said harshly. “Their habits are disgusting.” Murmurs of agreement rose up on many sides.
Mother Owl fixed Seagull with a glare. “We are ALL – BIRDS – TOGETHER,” she pronounced in a tone that brooked no arguing. “We are the Glory of Creation with our feathers, beaks and claws. We alone have conquered the sky.”
For a moment, Ostrich seemed about to make a retort. But instead she sullenly scratched the ground with a vast foot.
“Crows have no morals,” muttered Thrush. “They take food from all of us.”
Mother Owl uttered a mocking shriek. “Are there not insects enough in the world for each of us?” Heron opened his beak. “…and fish too,” Mother Owl added hurriedly.
She turned to the gathered throng. “We Birds are the children of the Dinosaurs. We have inhabited this Earth for 100 million years. Where is your pride? Your respect? ”
She glided over to a prominent log. “ALL – BIRDS – TOGETHER!” she cried. “ALL – BIRDS – TOGETHER! ALL – BIRDS – TOGETHER!” Gradually, the chant began to be picked up.

Two of the crows looked down from high in a tree. “They’re lively tonight,” said one. “What do you reckon is going on?”
“Sounds like anthropomorphic bollocks to me,” retorted the other. “Come on, let’s go to the dump and find some thing to eat.”
And off they flew.


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