HumpDay Quickie #119

Posted: December 14, 2016 in Hump-Day Quickies
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Praying Mantis

by Steph Ellis

Hungry. I am so hungry. I stand and wait, poised—not in the shadows—but in broad daylight. Most walk swiftly past my door although once safely beyond reach they turn a wistful gaze upon my home. If they are lucky I reward them with a smile. You should see them run! Fear of their wives outweighs their desire for me. They do not know that that fear keeps them safe.

Today I see a stranger. Fresh meat. Our eyes lock as he gazes up at the balcony and I smile boldly. My neighbours have noted my midnight visitors, declared me a whore. Today this show is for them. I will be the brazen hussy of their gossip. I will behave scandalously. I will …

Oh, they do not know what I will … If they did, they would be running to that fat little priest of theirs as fast as their legs could carry them and he would have them on their knees. Something I suppose you could say we have in common.

But I am digressing from the script. Watch. He is climbing the stairs now and my silks and ropes are ready. His eyes gleam with expectation and he lies before me without question. White. Naked. Glistening. He is a worm. And as I bind him, he is a subservient little worm. And I am ready to feed. He squirms with anticipation and I pull the ropes tighter. He moans. A mistake. I like to dine in silence. I tighten the bindings and he falls quiet. An obedient worm. I sit astride him and his eyes widen in horror as I open the mouth that no living creature usually sees. But this man, the one I have taken as my husband for only a moment, is given this final vision as his reward. Wider now, the gaping void of my being slices through his skull, picks out the delicate brain, nourishes my body in a way that I have missed for too long. And this time I will become a mother.


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