Round 119: Winners

Posted: December 13, 2016 in Winners
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Happy Tuesday, friends. Thanks to everyone who stopped by to write and comment on this week’s stories. Thanks also to A.J. Walker who, despite being under the weather, did an admirable job of judging the entries. You’ll find his comments and top picks below.

First off, I was glad there were only seven entries this week, I’ve been off sick struggling with painkillers and anti-inflams. So a big thank you to all of you who didn’t enter this week. It is appreciated.

Secondly, to those that did thanks – I suppose – as ever the standard in Angry Hourglass is always so high. I know you guys realise a joke or two always gets a thumbs up from me. I like a laugh. With that in mind… what the heck happened this week?! How could a photo of a nice looking lady doing yoga outside end up with so much death and threatening behaviour? It’s a mystery to me. And not funny. All the stories were strong and had their merits, but I’ve had to choose my top 3 and I have.

So, without further ado my favourite lines and my picks of the week…

Fave Lines:

All Daddy’s Rules

Last month I’d realised, in all Daddy’s rules there wasn’t one about not killing him.


I’ve never seen his thighs from that angle – interesting, although a little hidden by buxom-butt herself.

When I Was Young

She felt touched for an instant by a long-forgotten warmth.

Dancerella’s Dream

It was just me, dancing my heart out for the city.

Through Icarus, Kisen And Beyond

His knees crumpled as he hit the paved floor of the balcony, his gasps making way for sudden silence.

The Last Summer

While the city burned, we danced in the spray like kids.

Praying Mantis

If they did, they would be running to that fat little priest of theirs as fast as their legs could carry them and he would have them on their knees.


When I Was Young by Ewan Smith- A lovely story illustrating a slightly testy relationship between a grandmother and granddaughter. Nice interaction between the characters with a grandmother being made to be thoughtful about her past but sharp enough not to let the young girl take the mick.

Runner Up

Through Icarus, Kisen and Beyond by Catherine Connolly – Nice world building with the always scary mind control and subterfuge thing (I watched the Ipcress File last week again funnily enough; or did I?). Both the speech of the characters and the descriptions of them set the story up brilliantly. All things considered very, very good.

And our Round 119 FLASH MASTER is…


Steph Ellis


Praying Mantis

A scarily confident slightly peckish “woman” into bondage with unusual eating habits and a dislike of second dates. Loved it.  Nicely paced with good scene setting and a smart if unhappy end (for the bloke anyway). I for one will be keeping away from those who Yoga (it doesn’t help that they always look like they could do with a good meal too).

Conratulations, Steph! Your story will be featured as tomorrow’s HumpDay Quickie! We’ve got one more weekend before we break for the holidays, and our last judge of 2016 is Catherine Connolly. 😀

I’ll be sending out Twitter requests for 2017’s first crop of judges in the next few weeks, but if you don’t use Twitter, especially if you’re a former FLASH MASTER (Helena, Angelique), and you want to try your hand at judging, please send me a message through the contact tab and we’ll get you signed up. Thanks again, everybody. See you next weekend!


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