Hump Day Quickie #116

Posted: November 23, 2016 in Hump-Day Quickies
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by Angelique Pacheco

“The fe-he-ris wheel goes up and down, up and down, up and down, the fe-he-ris wheel goes up and down, ALL DAY LONG!” I heard this song all day yesterday and it was no longer an ear worm but an ear anaconda. My baby sister, who was now four, was the most annoying person in the whole wide world. With blonde hair and blue eyes she was the apple of everyone’s eye but mine. She was more like a pip in mine… a pip squeak. I laughed. My mother had promised to take her to the fair today so she could ride on the Ferris wheel. Borriing! I wanted to go get the computer game that my friends were raving about and now I was stuck going to the fair. I hoped no one I knew would see me. Emily walked in and twirled her dress. “Am I a princess, Cody?” she asked her blue eyes pleading for my approval. “Sure. Whatever.” I grunted, barely acknowledging her. She beamed as though I had given her the world.

When we arrived at the fair Emily was bouncing off the seats, she was so excited. She yanked at my sleeve. “Come Cody!” I followed her closely as she made her way to the Ferris wheel and I bought her tickets. My mother had said to make sure she went twice and I was to go with her. No way! I gave the ticket guy both tickets and pointed her out. She was sitting next to an older lady so I knew she’d be okay.

I watched her for a bit and decided to go see a stall of video games I had spied when I came in. I would be back before the second round was done. I had a quick check but was disappointed at the meager selection and went to wait for Emily. The Ferris wheel was just coming to a stop and people were getting off. No Emily. Heart beginning to pound, I went to the ticket keeper and asked about her. The young lady got off with her mother after one round. The blood in my veins froze.

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