HumpDay Quickie #114

Posted: November 9, 2016 in Hump-Day Quickies
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By Helena Gordon

Meet me here at dawn. Choose your weapon carefully and I’ll choose mine. Good luck, Your Sworn Enemy.

That was all the note said. You get that right? I had no context. No previous duels to speak of (if you don’t count that time in eighth grade that Jason Mayfield tried to punch me, I ducked and he broke his hand against the locker and I felt bad for him and walked him to the nurse).

So, you understand if I was unprepared for this type of thing. The note plopped into my lap during the Homecoming rally on the football field. As I looked over faces, leaning forward and scanning each bleacher, no-one claimed ownership. No menacing eyes, no pointed fingers, no-one pulled their thumb across their neck. Nothing.

I was up all night, my stomach rolling, verps rising. Was it Chester Moran, the guy who put vodka in his water bottle and never missed an opportunity to call little Danny a chinko? That asshat carried a knife in his boot. Everyone knew that.

I was trapped. My friends would tell me to suck it up buttercup. My parents would call the principal and I would never live that down. And if I skipped out, the kid would get me eventually.

What should I choose? Ultimately, I knew it was better to be safe. Better to have than to have not. I snuck into their bedroom, whisper quiet and slid open the closet door. The walk to school is only a couple of blocks, but long enough for me to think about how heavy it felt in my backpack.

I was terrified, sweating, shaking by the time I got there. The sun was still down. Shadowy figures emerged from the center of the field. Barely visible, one broke from the pack and turned in my direction. It beelined for me, hands in the air and I couldn’t make out the weapon, but it was big and I panicked and…

Now I’m in a lot of trouble and the girl who invited me is dead.

Never bring a gun to a pillow fight.

  1. Flash365 says:

    Never bring a gun to a pillow fight…That would make a fantastic title. Nice story.

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