Round 114: Winners

Posted: November 8, 2016 in Winners
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Hello again, and happy Tuesday! It’s election day here in the states and all I want to say about that is please, if you haven’t already, go and vote. It might be the single most important thing you do.

Tangentially related: There is an Angry Hourglass holiday poll to gauge interest for Flash Frenzy over the upcoming holiday weekends. Pop over and let me know how your holiday plans stack up.

Now to this week’s business. Thanks to all the writers who stopped by, and to everyone who left comments. A huge thanks also to Marie McKay for volunteering your time to judge. You’ll find her comments below.

Thanks, Rebecca, for the opportunity of judging this week’s competition. The prompt was dealt with in so many different ways, and everyone was so incredibly inventive, I feel unworthy of picking the winners.

I’ve said a quick word about each. Here goes:


This flash fiction piece has an impressive amount of depth. The characterisation is fantastic throughout.

Pillow Talk

The character names, here, are very clever. A witty piece of dark writing.

Chimes in the Rain

Beautiful imagery right from the outset.

And Finally…

A highly original story that cracked me up with lines like, ‘cheese-related concussion.’ Brilliant!

The Art of Pillow War

I love the title and concept of this story. Arming women with pillows might well solve many of the world’s problems. The drill sergeant is a great piece of characterisation, too.

Feathers Inc

What a lovely premise to this story. I love the use of different generations to tell this one’s story.

As Above, So Below

Another story with great names. This one had a nice twist.


A surreal feel to this with its squishy heads and ‘skull-cracks.’ Mayhem abounds in a manic arena. The ending is particularly poignant with the protagonist contemplating whether a win in these circumstances really is a win.

Angels of the Somme

Elegant imagery reminding the reader of what was fought for in the bloody fields of the Somme.

So-Called Fight Against “Pillow Plague” Continues

Another highly original tale. The tone and of this one and its detail make ‘Sandman Syndrome’ a very convincing modern take on ‘Sleeping Beauty.’

Bring Out Your Dead

This story involves a particularly vicious Student Rag Week. Pilates saves the day. A very entertaining mixture of light and dark.

2nd Runner Up: Angels of The Somme by Mark A. King

The imagery was breathtaking in this piece.

1st Runner Up: Pillow Talk by Steph Ellis

This one was quirky and rather twisted which I loved.

And your Round 144  FLASH MASTER is…


Helena Gordon 

with Weapon

I think the writing here is excellent. It deals with teenage angst in such an insightful way. Brief, yet, telling references about peers and parents give this story depth. The ending is shocking; but, in the short time the story takes to read, the writer still makes me feel sympathy for the protagonist despite the appalling situation. A great piece of flash fiction! Well done!

Congratulations, Helena! Your story will be featured as tomorrow’s Hump Day Quickie! Thanks again to Marie for all your comments. Next weekend, Voima Oy steps back into our judge’s role. Hope to see you all there.


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