HumpDay Quickie #112

Posted: June 22, 2016 in Hump-Day Quickies
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The Mover

by Marie McKay

He didn’t fully understand it himself. It had been this way since he could remember. He wasn’t sure if it had made him grow into eccentricity, or if it was just another part of his make-up. But he’d been different, and he’d enjoyed it.
He chose clothes that impeccably mismatched, folded swan napkins into breast pockets and tucked pocket watches into odd socks.
Loneliness was a part of it, but he enjoyed that too. He had very little in common with anyone, anyway. He didn’t quite fit into a category, so he hadn’t suffered scorn or cruelty in the way that others might.
Of course, they did probably fear him. But that was misplaced. He had mastered it just to forget it.
Some days he still used it for his own amusement- a party trick for the man who never attended parties.
Had it started with smaller objects- pins, coins, buttons, pens, spoons, cups- it would have taken him on a different, more profitable journey. Telekinesis was a beautiful, mind boggling gift. Making an object fly through the air or stick to a wall with a mere look in its direction was indeed awesome. But children…


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