Round 111: Winners

Posted: June 13, 2016 in Winners
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Hello again, writers.

I know I’m not alone when I say I’m heartbroken over the events that transpired this past weekend and that the photo I chose for Round 111 is more poignant now than when I posted it. I hope everyone reading this is safe, and that your families and loved ones are well.

There are a few separate Go Fund Me campaigns to assist the victims and their families. If you feel so inclined, links to donate are as follows:

Pulse Victims Fund page for Equality Florida

GLBT Community Center of Central Florida

Thank you to the writers who submitted stories this weekend and to Mark King who read and judged them. His comments are below:

I can’t help but ponder the image in light of the shocking events over the weekend. There is joy, happiness and pride (as is befitting of the event), but there is also sadness on the face of the central character in the photo.

It’s hard to say much more other than my thoughts are with those affected by the incident in Florida.

In terms of stories, we might have been low in numbers, but it was very high in quality.

Am I Pink Enough? – Wonderful build up and delivery. I really enjoyed the internal tension (after everything else, the bird poop line was great). Strong character work and a fantastic outcome.

Plain Clothes – I have to say, this was so well written that it made me want to rip my current project up and start again. I loved the snappy precise sentences and dialogue. A wonderful example of flash fiction.

Medusa – Brilliant take on the story. Knock-out opening two sentences that had me hooked.

HONY #3895701 – I love a very short story. Thanks for this one. A life told in less than 30 words. Well done.

Untitled – Highly enjoyable story. Loved the creativity and humour. It’s got a bit of everything. Keep up the good work.

On to the decision. Given the numbers, it would seem unfair to award anything other than a winner this week (otherwise I’d be giving everyone a HM).

Our Round 111 FLASH MASTER is…


Steph Ellis



Close call, but I have opted for Medusa. I smiled just seeing the title, knowing the writer had taken the image and done something rather unexpected (but delightful) with it. I loved the mythology, but it’s also supremely well crafted. Congratulations.

Congratulations, Steph. Your story will be featured as Wednesday’s HumpDay Quickie. Next weekend, Sal Page will be acting judge. Be safe, friends. Keep loving each other. And we’ll see you all next weekend.



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