HumpDay Quickie #108

Posted: May 25, 2016 in Hump-Day Quickies
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Would For The Trees

by David Shakes

Damien Tremores

We’ll walk the waterside path today.
Beneath this dusting of pine needles rests layer upon layer of nutrient rich earth – the forest feeds itself through biodynamics or God’s divine plan.
Our former footsteps left inconsequential prints upon these winding routes, only to be covered by leaf litter or obliterated by the footfalls of those with less grace than you.
If I could still trace our paths would they alter? I think not – for we were creatures of habit you and I. We had our walks and we had our seasons – snow laden pines in the winter, summers at the arboretum.
I remember the spring we found out we would remain a couple only – the bitter irony that in the season of new life we’d be unable to make any.
I told you I loved you, that it didn’t matter, but you walked out alone regardless – the only other time you left me.
I found you here, of course, your salty tears falling into the river – sending your story to the oceans for the whales to lament. I held your hands and we cried together for what would never be.
They came, you know, they all came. The nieces and the nephews and their respective families. They all came. And why wouldn’t they when you poured your love into them as if they were our own?
They’re back at the house, but this last walk is for us alone. The sun is warm when it breaks through the leaves and there’s a gentle buzz of insects in the spring air. Is it God’s divine plan that all my heartaches come in this season, my emotions at odds with the setting?
I don’t know what I’ll do later when the house is emptied and I am alone. What will I do without you?
Your letter said your spirit would be here, in this place you loved so much, but I’m struggling to believe that.
I will scatter your ashes beneath the tree where you promised to be mine forever, then I will sit by the waters to weep and send the whales a new song.

  1. davidshakes says:

    David Shakes = Damien Tremores (some may also remember Davis Wobbles!)

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