Round 107: Winners

Posted: May 16, 2016 in Winners
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Welcome back! Thanks to everybody who wrote for last week’s challenge. I had a great time in Vegas, and there’s a chance you may see a photo prompt or two in the near future derived from my adventures at StokerCon. In the meantime, Marie McKay has chosen her favorite stories from last week’s prompt. You’ll find her comments below.

Thank you, Rebecca for the opportunity to judge this week’s entries. I loved the prompt. You all took it in quite different directions, and all the stories were a pleasure to read.

Seamist Bay

A dark tale with a great twist.

Looking for Love

31 words long. Not one wasted.

‘vacant, like his eyes’ is a very powerful line.

Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes

The innocent sounding title sets this dark tale up beautifully. The horrendous action is juxtaposed with snippets of domestic life: children’s bedtime stories, songs and birthday cakes are nestled within a very grim storyline. This structure worked exceptionally well.

Fair e_lights

This is another short tale. It is haunting and these lines broke my heart:

‘Her girl waits downstairs—mouldy sandwiches in Pepper Pig lunch box,

Ambulance-lights colour Happy Meal toys, as paramedics smash well-worn locks.’

365 Mirrors

‘My father made a photo book called ‘365 days a year,’ … It was like a calendar of absence.’

Very profound with some staggering lines.

Coffin Convertables Hanging

‘Light dropped like candles from corners of the night…’ fabulous opening line and intriguing title.

Solitary Pleasure

The theme of feeling the outsider is dealt with here.

‘Some things had changed, he felt out of place, a visitor from another age.’

There is a note of nostalgia, but the story itself is not a sad one. I loved this story’s off-beat ending.


This line is fantastic: ‘Smoke rising to the ceiling, where baroque cherubs cleaned the air.’

A weird and wonderful tale that reminded me of programmes like ‘Tales of the Unexpected’ (and Kojak, of course!)

I guess I need to get on with the business of picking winners, now. Here goes:

Runner Up: 365 Mirrors by Richard Edenfield

A profound story that is full of melancholy and built on a tremendous premise. I think probably the fact I have recently read and loved the novel, ‘The Girl Who wasn’t There,’ drew me to this one. Loved the tone throughout.

And our Round 107 Flash Master is…


Steph Ellis

with Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes

I do like dark tales, and I just loved how this one built towards its revelation. (I also liked the little, cheeky nod to Hannibal Lecter.) Ironically, the innocent songs, games etc are what make this story so incredibly chilling. Clever and brilliantly enjoyable.

Congratulations, Steph! Your story will be featured as this week’s Hump Day Quickie! I hope you’ll all join us next weekend as Mark King returns for another round as Flash Frenzy judge. See you then!


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