HumpDay Quickie #106

Posted: May 11, 2016 in Hump-Day Quickies
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Loyalty Scheme

by Mark A. King

Today I give her the Halloween special. It’s a hundred outside—middla May—sidewalks hot enough to fry eggs. Skulls in coffees ain’t due for five months yet.

During the holidays, I gave her the tropical iced mango and pomegranate infusion. She held it through those fancy therma-gloves. I didn’t like that; it ruined the sense of touch.

It’s a game I play with her.

Her name is Amber. I know this because she told me.

I know this because I write her name with a flourish on her cup t’ go. I take my time, always put a hidden heart at the end, I make it look like its sposed to be there— a period. So small she wouldn’t notice. Nobody would notice. But I know it’s there.

I savor the moments she runs her elegant fingers over the letters. Hold my breath when her glittered nail varnish picks at the heart. Sometimes she catches me. Does she enjoy it when I watch her?

Sometimes she stands there and sips infronta me. It’s only for a seconda two, but I’ve learnt to make it last longer by payin’ close  attention. I watch the steam moisten on her porcelain skin. Watch her slurp, gently—daintily. She rests the cup on those lips—lips that carry her honeyed voice—lips so full, that I imagine how they would taste to kiss. I watch her tip the cup and I imagine how the hot liquid it skims those artic-white veneers.

We’re sposed to know ‘bout our customers.

It helps brand loyalty, they say.

There’s nothing I don’t know ‘bout Amber.

I know she volunteers at the place where old folk go to die.

I know she likes to eat by herself and the glow of the TV screen makes her look like an angel in the dark abyss of her lonely room.

I know her ex treated her bad.

A man like me would know how treat Amber.

I’d treat her like she’s special.

I always give her my special. Just for her.

It’s a game we play.


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