HumpDay Quickie #104

Posted: April 27, 2016 in Hump-Day Quickies
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Business at Sand Point

by David Shakes

A lone gull rests on the roof of the empty warehouse at Sand Point. Cocking its head to one side, it casts an inquisitive eye over the empty lot below. Habit brings it back, though the rest of the flock found richer pickings months ago. Machinery now waits to rust, huge bins fill with rainwater and the Dockmaster’s office is empty save for the last few unpaid invoices littering the concrete floor.

Twin lamps in the distance, getting closer, cutting through the blue dusk. The sound of the engine unsettles our gull and it takes flight to a safer vantage point. A dark van, lights doused, rolls quietly up to the chain-link fence. A passenger, head covered, slips from the van with heavy bolt cutters in hand. Two cuts and the gates slip open under their own weight. The passenger returns and the van slowly rolls forward once more.

The gull returns to its original post, intrigued by the presence of interlopers in its empty Kingdom. The van stops in front of the dirty windows of the warehouse. Two people emerge – passenger and driver. One taps lightly on the side of the van and a third figure emerges from the hinged rear doors. From the van’s murky interior comes a muffled cry.

Using the same cutters, the passenger removes padlocks from the warehouse doors. The other two are dragging a hooded figure from the van – hands bound. All four disappear into the warehouse. Our gull is disinterested in their shouted conversation or the fact that things would apparently be quicker if one of them would only talk.

They don’t talk.

It isn’t quick.

Much later, someone emerges to retrieve a tarp from the rear of the van. Later still, there’s a loud splash behind the warehouse – something has been dropped from the dock.

Three people get into the van, and it screeches away, headlamps on full beam.

Whatever was used to hastily weight the tarp has come loose. Its content floats to the surface, hands still bound.

Our gull swoops, landing with caution on the body. It pecks at an eye socket and likes what it tastes.

  1. David Shakes says:

    I wanted this to read like a screenplay – for you to ‘see’ the events unfolding in your mind’s eye – like the start of a movie. Gull pecks eye and roll opening titles! Thank you to Voima for selecting it as the winner in a strong field. Hope folk like it.

  2. Richard Cowell says:

    I did ‘see’ “the events unfolding”. While you leave the reader in no doubt about what is happening, at the same time we don’t know why. The Gull is indifferent to it all – it gets a nutritious meal that will see it through. I shall keep an eye out for more of your stories.
    It’s a winner. 🙂


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