Round 102: Winners

Posted: April 12, 2016 in Winners
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Good morning, friends. Sorry again about the error with the photo this past weekend. I do my best to mark them with the round they’ve been used for, but occasionally one slips thru the cracks. Thanks to my astute writers who recognized the familiar prompt. Thanks also to CR Smith for judging the stories this weekend. You’ll find her comments and top picks below.

I’ve spent a very pleasant afternoon reading all the entries and — let’s face it — they’re all outstanding, which makes choosing a winner all the more difficult; there really isn’t much between them. But a Flash Master must be crowned, so, before I get down to it, here’s a selection of my favourite lines.

Formaldehyde: The nursing home is a carapace of thoughts and cobwebbed memories; the rocking-chairs and statuesque invisible once-young.

Ongar-Bongar Cheese: …which led to acting-Factory Manager Ted Eagle’s concussion, memory loss and subsequent assertion that he won the hand in marriage of the village postwoman, Andrea Goodbody, at a quiz night in The Haunted Poacher in the neighbouring village of Lower Backache.

Knifecloud:She sits in an office chair, her fingers are her weapons: warmed with a cup of organic coffee from a place she’ll never visit.

The Dream of Icarus: But I remember the time before the Drought, when the aeroplanes flew on ribbons of cloud, the sunlight burnishing their wings.

Terror on the Tarmac: The blackness spread, covering its countenance until it ruptured toward him into row after row of pointed teeth, oscillating in a way that made him nauseous.

A Cautionary Tale: He reached out a little bit further, felt the cold metal beneath his skin, saw himself reflected in the panel, fading, disappearing. Gone.

Come Fly With Me: Those with window views marvel at the light of the sun on the clouds, the patterns of fields below, Lake Michigan like a mirror.

Reality Shifting: And only last week he saw a guy dressed the same as him on another of the bikes at the gym then realised it was him.

Little Birds: He identifies with the little birds that populate the airport, they could fly anywhere they want but they are happy with the pickings they get there, no need for them to move on to greener or more exotic climes.

Operation Prodigy: Military jets escorted the unidentified aircraft to a secure airstrip, the world’s media salivating at a 30 km radius.

The Talisman: He had his little rituals but they weren’t compulsive.

The Others: To some, the shade no longer exists — faded forgotten — its original planes and dimensions now flattened into a singular, thin sliver.

HM: Operation Prodigy Nice twist; children coming from the Bermuda Triangle to save the world.

3rd: The Talisman by Stella T: I liked the pacing of this and the foreboding. You just know that by Dan not performing his rituals, it’s going to end in disaster.

2nd: A Cautionary Tail by Steph Ellis: Ah! That desire to touch something you shouldn’t; it always wins out in the end. I like his cynicism at the whole thing being nothing but a money making exercise.

And our Round 102 FLASH MASTER is…


Rob Knipe


Terror on the Tarmac

Great idea of there being something living on the other side of a reflection. Lovely imagery throughout this piece and that’s what edged it over the winning line.

Congratulations, Rob!Your story will be featured as tomorrow’s HumpDay Quickie! Please contact me here with any bio information, publications, links to personal sites, or any other information you would like to appear on your winner’s page.

Thanks again CR for jugding. Next weekend, Marie McKay will be back to judge Round 103. See you all then.

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  2. Rob Knipe says:

    Woo! Thank you! Well played everyone, there was some great writing there. 🙂

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