HumpDay Quickie #101

Posted: April 6, 2016 in Hump-Day Quickies
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Walking on Water
– a user’s manual

by Richard Edenfield

The resurrection was a reflection of a perfect light onto the chrome of God’s Daytona Coupe Cobra. The water like soul downshifted with trees that grew upside down to cover their tracks. The steering wheel sky moved above a haunted map. You couldn’t get lost if you went both directions at once. A leaf crossed its own path closing in on the past becoming one with the moments butterfly stroke.

Walking on water was easy once you got the basics down. First, the water is like an egg and it will not break if you hold it in your mind, properly. Second, the elimination of fear creates unending possibility.

“Walking on Water… A user’s manual? Did you get this on eBay?”

“No. I found it in a restroom in San Francisco.”

“What is all this in the beginning?

“I don’t know. Some sort of poetic nonsense to get you in the mood.”

“In the mood to walk on water?”

“I guess.”

“What is the mask for?”

“Easter. The resurrection. You know.”

“It looks like an angry Easter. I’m not Jesus!”

To walk on water one must be the water. Water cannot drown. And it cannot sink. When you are one with yourself there are many things you can do as well as many things you cannot. The water will think you are also water and therefore not let you do anything that water would not do. It helps to fly to approach a bird.

“This does not make sense to me!”

“Walking on water is not for the meek of heart.”

“I thought the meek would inherit the earth.”

“Yes, but there is an inheritance tax. We all pay for what we get.”

“You’re starting to sound like the book!”

“I will show you it can be done.”

Walking on water can only be done by artists because they are the only ones that know what water is thinking. The heart is all ways walking on water.

Now, step onto the liquid, and your reflection will keep you from falling.

“My reflection?”

The reader.

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