HumpDay Quickie #100

Posted: March 30, 2016 in Hump-Day Quickies
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… To Me

by Marie McKay

I am here. This plate, this candle, this ability to indulge myself in this silly tradition proves I am.
Being alone, doesn’t make you disappear, even if it does make you invisible.

I sing the tragic word ‘me’ and bring it to an end. I am here. Me. Me. Me.

I take a spoon and scoop up the ice cream, but as I bring it to my lips my appetite falls away, crumbling into nothingness.

The old house groans, filled with the noises of its past, a birthday cheer, I pretend.

I look out the kitchen window, remember how the view has grown up: green rolling hills… line upon line of houses set up to fall down again like rows of dominoes… roads that score the skyline supported by colossal pillars… I am tired already of what I’ll see next. I am bored.

I bang the door behind me as I head towards the sitting room where the fire that I haven’t lit roars.

I make my presence felt. For I can. I watch as their eyes look in my direction.
‘I live here!’ My shout throws open the large bay window. The woman, a nervous one, runs to close it. The cold shaft of air, or maybe just the fright, has made large, ugly goosebumps appear on her forearms. She walks to the fireside and stands demanding back the heat.

I plonk myself at her feet and stare at them one by one. She hides wine underneath the sink behind the household cleaners. The boy, her boy, weeps underneath his sheets at night. Her husband doesn’t allow anyone to peer over his shoulder when he sits at the computer, and I know why.

I hate her. I hate him. I hate their boy.

‘It’s my birthday.’ I shout; the woman flaps like a bird; and this time it’s the man who waddles towards the window.


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