Round 100: Winners

Posted: March 29, 2016 in Winners
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Hello, all! Thanks to everyone who wrote stories for our 100th prompt. For those of you who missed it, photo contributor Ashwin Rao (@badash13) had some encouraging words for your previous endeavors: 

I just wanted to say what an honor it has been to have my photos serve as inspiration for so many incredibly talented writers at the “Angry Hourglass” blog, which is run by my friend Rebecca. The site has just completed 100 contests, so many hundreds to thousands of stories have been shared and discussed! I am so impressed by the content of her sight and humbled and thrilled that my photos can foster such poignant short stories.

Well done, everybody!

Thanks also to Stephen Lodge who makes his judging debut with this milestone prompt. You’ll find his comments and top picks below.

Thank you so much for asking me to judge Round 100. Thank you also for the opportunity to read your “Zoe’s Last Birthday.” I really enjoyed it.

It set the scene for what was to follow. A dark selection of stories from truly classy writers. Made me feel like I was standing in the shadows of giants. Apparently at 4 a.m. my wife found me huddled in the corner, sitting on the untreated wooden floor of an unfurnished dream, mumbling “Some birthdays were fun, weren’t they?” Not the ones that had scary clowns obviously, but clearly here is a collection from the dark side of dark.

Fave Moments

Economical – The narrator composing a menu in her head for meals using decomposing food.

Gaap Year In Hell – Black Widow Cupcakes? These should be at bakeries everywhere.

Baked Alaska – When we received confirmation of what we suspected, that Rick was in death what he was in life – a useless lump.

My Runner Up vote goes to David Shakes for “You Can’t Have Your Cake & Eat It.”  –   Shadows dance in the dim candlelight, their languorous sway seemingly independent of its gentle flicker. The remainder of that first paragraph continued to hold my attention. The story’s imagery and descriptions were always intriguing and the small girl’s song so clever.

and our ROUND 100 FLASH MASTER is…


Marie McKay

with …To Me

The old house groans, filled with the noises of it’s past. The woman flaps like a bird.

Into any story, throw in an old dark house, a brooding pile with generations of mystery within the walls and then add a bit of a haunting with a twist and I am already on the edge of my seat, howling at the moon and begging for more.  …To Me was my favourite in a very strong field.

Many thanks, Rebecca to you and to all who took part. 

Congratulations, Marie! Your story will be featured as tomorrow’s HumpDay Quickie! Many thanks to Stephen for judging this round. Next weekend, AV Laidlaw returns to judge Round 101. See you all there. 


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