HumpDay Quickie #99

Posted: March 23, 2016 in Hump-Day Quickies
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When You Go to Tulgey Wood, Beware

by AV Laidlaw

When you go to Tulgey Wood, beware. Go by foot.

The spirits of the forest are ancient, older than the oldest human bones, melted from the ice sheets that once covered the land, and have little love for all the inventions of humanity. Cars break down and are towed away to a garage where the mechanic shakes his head as he totals the bill. Bicycles are found twisted in the trees, branches grown around them so they cannot be removed and must be left to rust in the winter rains.

When you go to Tulgey Wood, beware. Leave your mobile phone at home.

They will not do you any good. There is no signal in the labyrinth of shadows at the heart of the forest. There are no words in the silence, only the mocking laugh of the woodpecker and the scratch of the thrush in the undergrowth. There is no language or logic in the thorny brambles and fleshy growths of toadstools.

When you go to Tulgey Wood, beware. Do not wear a thing.

Strip yourself down to your animal skin. To the ancient spirits of the forest, all our modesties, all our philosophies and civilisations are nothing more than a dressing up game played by children. So stand naked among the trees too old to care and feel the warmth of the leaf litter decay beneath your soles.

When you go to Tulgey Wood, beware. Do not let thoughts entrap you in their snare.
But if you are so very, very quiet, and if you stand so very, very still although every animal instinct tells you to run, you will catch a glimpse of something moving in the trees, a glimmer from eyes of flame.

And you will meet your Jabberwock.


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