Hello again, writers. Since this is a late post, I’ll keep my introduction short. Many thanks to everyone who wrote this weekend and to Fae Fielding for judging the stories. You’ll find her comments and top picks below.

Definitely out of my comfort zone judging, especially as I have known, for over a year, how good the writing is with AH flash. This week was no exception.
It was difficult to choose, as they were all so different.

The Writing’s on the Wall

Favourite lines:
‘He slaps her on the bottom with his greasy sausage fingers.’
‘He’ll brush my words off. They’ll be smudged away to nonsense.’
I like the idea of the blind sax player rubbing away the chalked words, and my heart sinks too. Oh no!

Rush Hour

Favourite lines;
‘- probably another suicide – these people just didn’t think about others.’
‘He shouldn’t run, not in shoes from Church’s, same as the boss wore.’
These two lines sum him up straight away.


Favourite Lines;
‘When the saxophonist played them back into the present and returned them to the world,’
‘Where the noise is too great, that is where I go. And I give them that which they have forgotten … I play them an intermission.’

Expressing Myself

Favourite Lines;
‘These essays certainly do not flow from my pen. I labour over my opening sentence, writing, crossing out, rewriting.’
‘hoping for inspiration or some kind of divine intervention,’
As a person who entered Uni later in life, I acknowledge these observations of essays writing.

Like Breathing Into a Saxophone

Favourite Lines;
‘A glorious ensemble of hints with no answers but some ass kicking show stopping questions.’ I liked the Jazz description very much.
‘But a smile crept into a note that swam through the air and ended at her doorstep.’ Lovely line.

The Pied Piper of the Cloud

Favourite Lines;
‘She exists in the etherscope of automatic downloads.’
‘She’s nestled in the three hundredth scroll down of the T’s and C’s.’
I loved the way the title is linked to the last line.
The Soul Club

Favourite lines;
‘As I play my saxophone, the red dots blink along the skyline, seemingly flashing in-time to the music.’
‘turning my final breath into music,’

A Sure Bet

Favourite lines;
‘It was embarrassing to hear her boss say “Saw Ray last week outside Lidl”.
‘who didn’t like enterprise unless it was wrapped in an Armani suit.’
We get the flavour of Emma coming through strongly in these lines.

It took most of the afternoon to decide between three for placings…

2nd Runner up

Life Breathing Into A Saxophone by Richard Edenfield

The first line repeated three times drew me in. I love music, and play different music genres for my different moods. I hate Jazz, but loved the description (it was one of my favourite lines). I almost felt as though I was watching one of those late night films, or listening to late night radio. Descriptive and atmospheric.

1st Runner up

Intermission by Steph Ellis

I felt that this piece was written as a musical score rather than a typed story. It was lyrical and meditative. They seemed to be in a state of mindfulness too. We could all do with a bit of silence to pause and recharge. I really liked the idea and message coming through. There wasn’t a lot to separate this story from the winner

and our Round 98 FLASH MASTER is…


CR Smith

with The Soul Club

Lovely description to open the story. Plenty of contrasts; bright night life, laughter and then the cold, nobody noticing and not enough cash. The contrast in going from the freezing cold, down to the hotter club. The odd assortment of Souls, linking the musical soul with putting his soul into the music and having his soul ‘rescued’ by the man collecting souls.

Congratulations CR! Your story is this week’s HumpDay Quickie! Next weekend, Catherine Connolly returns to the judge’s seat. Hope to see you there.


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