HumpDay Quickie #98

Posted: March 16, 2016 in Hump-Day Quickies
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The Soul Club

by CR Smith

From here, I watch the nightlife awaken. See the coloured neon signs flickering to life. The hidden doors opening up, shining light across narrow streets. I hear the amplified sounds as they seep into the ether; the bursts of laughter, breaking free from overlapping conversations. I see and hear it all.

As I play my saxophone, the red dots blink along the skyline, seemingly flashing in-time to the music. It’s so cold out here I can almost see the notes swirling upwards to meet them. Plenty of people rush past, hurrying to get out of the cold, but nobody seems to notice me. Glancing down at my upturned hat, I see a screwed up train ticket, a sweet wrapper and a sprinkling of change. The only thing I’ll be buying tonight will be served in a polystyrene cup!

I’ve almost gone through my repertoire, there’s only one tune left to play. My fingers are so cold I can hardly feel them, let alone move them. My feet are frozen to the ground. As I bring the saxophone to my lips, turning my final breath into music, my eyes slowly close. The notes swirl around me until I’m lost in a haze. When I open them again, I’m lying on the ground with a man standing over me. He looks familiar, but I can’t quite place him.

“Fancy going somewhere warmer, our sax player’s moved on, and I need one for a gig tonight,” he says.

I can’t believe it, it’s a dream come true. I follow the man to the nightclub. To a staircase, where the further down we go, the hotter it becomes. Eventually, we enter a smoke filled room and I hear the familiar chink of glasses, the murmur of conversation. As the smoke clears I see the crowd, they’re not what I expected.

“What sort of club is this?” I say, looking at the strange assortment of creatures.

“Some people call it a soul club,” he says, laughing. “I’m a bit of a collector!”


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