HumpDay Quickie #96

Posted: March 2, 2016 in Hump-Day Quickies
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Water Lilies Painting Monet

by Richard Edenfield

He floated on a blanket of crisp summertime blue.

A swirl of red points of feathered radiant glowing leaves that touched part of reflective heaven pouring down in baskets of sunshine showing the bottom that stood like a soldier with tree rifles. His beard washed with a tiny breeze born of a hillside and died on the tip of imagination. Purple edges blending with rock shadows. The moment of love captured like watching a lover sleep. Twitching. REM. A touch of dreams in the hair. Endless options like rainbow eyes pouring color drops of light into a pure afternoon rapture.

The water felt warm with a hint of coolness when his leg pushed down to the depths. A protest of freesia scent swinging in the air.

The lilies tried to capture the artist in all his various hues but it seemed impossible. They painted the surface the best they could. They grew images with soft oil. They tried to become one with thier subject. Thier beauty – his understanding.

He swam to the shore and put on leather work boots splattered with past efforts. He put clothes on. He looked back and saw the effect he had made on the floating leaves and vines. Like the impression made on skin after holding someone tight. Slowly, the blood returned, flowing till there was nothing but the faint memory of an affectionate embrace.

He walked through an overgrown path toward his house. The windows of his home filled in the construction like paintings of breathing. He headed toward his door and looked forward to some wine. To the way it would make his lips a dark crimson red outlining the pulse of a heartbeat that was discharged hours before. A memorial to past moments that died in battle. To preserve a delicate intoxication.


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