HumpDay Quickie #94

Posted: February 17, 2016 in Hump-Day Quickies
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A Conscious Coupling

by Catherine Connolly

“She’s so still,” Mike said, looking at the body, pale limbs fully suspended, lips deep blue amidst the marble face surrounded by dark hair.

“Sleepers always are, straight before a coupling,” Caretaker said. “Still suspended pending further payment. His grey eyes twinkled. “You can touch her, if you like. She won’t mind. Won’t even know.”

Mike cast the caretaker a quick glance.

“We’ve done a full wipe already. Properly uncoupled from the last session. No residual memory.”

“She’s gone out before?” Mike asked.

“How many times, you’re wanting to know, now?” Caretaker replied. “’Course, you – they – always do.” He sighed. “This one’s clean. Soulmate status only. Simply didn’t suit the last one. Wasn’t his type.” The caretaker paused. “Get to know her. Match or not. Don’t deal in shenanigans in this section. That may or may not be down the hall. Simply couldn’t say.” Caretaker gave the other man a surreptitious wink.

“But I can take her out?”

“Sure thing. Once she’s signed off and yours. After that’s your business. Your responsibility then. Depends if you’re bothered about talking to her first. Male mileage generally differs.” Caretaker shrugged his broad shoulders. “Contract still stands.”

Mike swallowed.

“We charge by the hour, so might want to make your mind up,” the man added.

“Will you wake her?” Mike asked.

“Sleeping beauty?” Caretaker asked. He laughed a little, not unkindly. “Proper gent, aren’t you – wanting a first date to reminisce over later on down the line? Takes them a little while to adjust, like, once they’re woken. Might want to bear that in mind. Makes it a little more interesting sometimes, shall we say?”

Mike looked directly at the caretaker for a moment without speaking. “Okay,” he said simply, then nodded. He reached out a hand and took the cold flesh of the girl into his own. He shivered slightly, fingers still pressed around her smaller ones. “Will she warm quickly?”

“Once she’s properly out of hibernation.”

“Okay. Get her to talk to me, then.”

Caretaker nodded, beginning to move around the room.

“Hello,” Mike said, as the girl’s eyelids began to flutter. Her mouth opened, gasping, lips parting wide to howl.


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