Welcome back. Thanks to everyone who posted stories this past weekend (some posted two!) and thanks to Jaime Burchardt for judging. You’ll find his comments below.

Before I continue, I just want to say how downright awesome this prompt was for this past weekend. It’s like, gee I don’t know, whoever picked it knew my affection for Westerns…

I want to thank everyone that participated in this, it’s always great being here, and I’ll be back next week as a writer! Now, onto the big three..

3rd Place: “Spilled Ink” by Catherine Connolly

This was just utter nonsense, and at first it confused the crap out of me. Then I realized what this was & who was mentioned, and I couldn’t stop laughing. Not related to the story and I didn’t care less. Dots, I said!

2nd Place: “An Unnatural Pressure” by David Shakes

Ya know, for a prompt that features a serious circumstance, a few of you had some fun with this, infusing some humor that went a long way. As usual, Shakes’ words grabbed me, pulled me in and sprayed some water from his flower.

And our Round 92 FLASH MASTER is…


Voima Oy

with “Dead All Day”

Folks, if we haven’t considered Voima a master at this point (and I’m sure we have), allow this story to showcase as another example of how to create imagery within limitations. It didn’t just develop the twist, it let it grow into an entity that made me care. That’s special, and so is this effort.

Congratulatoins, Voima. Your story will be featured as tomorrow’s HumpDay Quickie!

Thanks again to everyone who submitted and to Jaime for his comments and top picks. Next weekend, Sal Page is back in the judge’s seat.

Before I sign off, I want to take just a few minutes to plug a Kickstarter. It’s for a new (mostly) dark fiction online magazine called Gamut. It’s being run and edited by Richard Thomas, and will pay $0.10/word for original fiction and $0.03/word for reprints. The initial goal is $52,000, but (and here’s why I decided to plug it here) one of the stretch goals is to dedicate Fridays to Flash Fiction. This would also pay $0.10/word. If you’re so inclined, please check it out and consider contributing.


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