Round 91: Winners

Posted: January 25, 2016 in Winners
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Welcome back. Thanks to everyone who submitted stories this week and thanks to David Shakes for judging. You’ll find his comments below.

Here we go – judged blind so no names yet, but think I spotted Mark A King anyway!


An enjoyable round dozen this week. Thank you for your contributions. As always, a real pleasure was had reading each tale. I found something to consider using in my own writing in every one.

We had two Canutes and some bizzarely (but correctly) named molecules – did you know that Arsole is a ring?!

We had Anglophile aliens munching on chips and doughnuts, and iguana kisses like salt and the sea.

We had notes in a book and a book of notes.

We had books about life and books that may have taken them through shark bites and drowing.

We had pissy potpourri and political commentary.

Loved the ‘Dice Man’ variation – living daily adjectives – so clever!

Loved the metaphorical beaches and waves – spotting my compadre Mark’s telltale style (gonna look daft if it isn’t him) a mile off.

Essentially, we had us one hell of a round.

2nd runner-up:

Hot competition here. Three or four stories all vying for this place. In the end I went for ‘Beach Adventures’ by AJ Walker – loving the evocative descriptions that bought back my own 70s beach memories and the sadness when our protagonist fails to reconnect with his memories – falling into the patterns he noticed in the adults in his own youth.

1st runner-up:

‘Bait and Switch’ by Brady Koch

Great title, nice twist. Sometimes a tale feels ‘full’ within its own tiny word count – just that little bit more satisfying in a self-contained way. This was one of those.

And our Round 91 FLASH MASTER is…


Sal Page


‘Waiting for the End of the World.’

Oh – delicious ambiguity. What are the significant lines in the story? Is there any significance at all? There’s nothing on p56 that rings a bell. If you work it out – ‘Tell Mum.’

Understated genius at work here. Less is more. I don’t know who wrote this (though the spelling is British) but boy, they can write. Nice work!

Congratulations, Sal! Your story will be featured as Wednesday’s HumpDay Quickie! Next weekend, Jaime Burchard will once again take on the challenge of judging your stories. Hope to see you all there.

  1. Thomas Diehl says:

    Oh, I never even heard of Dice Man, but it sounds really interesting and Luke Rhinehart sounds like exactly the kind of writer I love, so thanks for incidentally introducing me to a new writer to check out

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