HumpDay Quickie #88

Posted: December 23, 2015 in Hump-Day Quickies
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by AJ Walker

Sometimes I’m not sure whether our Adjuni magic is real or an illusion – or hallucination. Whether we are bolstered by our belief. Or whether our enemy’s fear is based on theirs.

I’d always been taught that as I was not of strength or agile that I would need something to help me do what I do best; not be noticed. My options were limited. The obvious one had to be the hardest task (not requiring strength); the retrieval of our totem from the Canuchi; five years had passed since they’d stolen it. Our heart had been stolen by this act. We were diminished. Emasculated. They were too many and strong. Armed with their wands of fire and magic.

Shamen told me: I would need stealth; invisibility. As instructed I caught and kept a flying fox for 28 days. I was to drink then of its blood: to gain invisibility for a day (time enough to get to the current Canuchi settlement). To sweep in and out. Unseen. With Our totem. My adulthood our tribe’s pride bought for the price of a bat’s life.

I knew ten days in that I would never kill it. I fed it. Looked into its bulging eyes. Laughed at its silly tongue. At its weak attempts to escape. It lived through me. Because of me. How could I now kill it? Drink its blood from its wrung out body?

On my day of age I left the village. Cloaked only in my own belief. And hope.
I was lucky. They’d been celebrating one of their own. Four days had left much of their settlement in sleep or suffering hallucinations. I walked straight through. If people saw me they didn’t believe their eyes. I was invisible.

Back home I became our king for a day; then a week. They thought I’d taken the blood. I didn’t tell them. They didn’t need to know I doubted the magic. I released my bat one night. I’d like to think it flies around me from time to time, but suspect the worst.

To my village, with our totem back, I am now (and will remain) the Batman.


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