Round 86: Winners

Posted: November 24, 2015 in Winners
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Happy Tuesday, friends. We had a small but powerful crowd this past weekend, so I’d like to say thanks to the ladies who submitted stories, and to Sal who commented and chose her favorite.


‘Time to Go’ by Steph Ellis

Cleverly constructed with effective descriptions like the rain as ‘a liquid curtain’ down the window, screening the main character, wrapped in a blanket as in the picture, and us from the outside. But soon the curtain will be lifted, the truth revealed. The first two paragraphs hint at the danger outside in the dark and that here is a man, from whose point of view this is, protecting his family. ‘Every day the shadows crept a little closer.’ Then we realise all is not what it seems. The wife and child are still and grey. The danger’s inside. The voices outside enlighten us through dialogue, as we realise we’re on the wrong side. The ending, still in his point of view, is chilling and deeply sad.

A Selective Invitation by Catherine Connolly

This tells of Casey’s invitation to a dreamlike journey, to a theatre full of magic. Like theatre, anything can happen. There’s a room cascading with theatrical accoutrements and a play within a play. Silver stars fall from the ceiling, doors open and shut like on a stage set, there’s the scent of caramel and the fee of tears are in a mask, as if those who wore them before left something behind, and hounds appear from nowhere. Reading this felt like going through the magical dream-place with Casey. And at the end she invites the next dreamer and it seems like something has been passed on to the next story.

‘Mountains Moving’ by Voima Oy

This is a very atmospheric piece. The café is clearly a special place. It uses the picture prompt well. This could easily be a Mongolian throat singer. It ends with the coming together of the musician and the singer effectively described as a ‘meeting of two proud birds, circling high over the city.’ And a hint at the strength of the magic that’s been created here; the mountains moving. Oh, and can I book a slot in the open mic at The Dark Cloud Café?

And our Round 86 FLASH MASTER is…


Catherine Connolly

‘A Selective Invitation’

…for an Alice-like journey full of magic and theatre.

Congratulations, Catherine! Your story will be featured as tomorrow’s HumpDay Quickie.

Next weekend is still up in the air pending an unofficial Flash Dog vote. I know many people in the US will be with family for the holiday, and the biggest shopping weekend of the year may be a distraction that can’t be overcome. Please let me know (either here or on Twitter) if you want a photo prompt this weekend or if a flash holiday is in order.




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