HumpDay Quickie #84

Posted: November 11, 2015 in Hump-Day Quickies
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Those Faces

by Sal Page

She sees faces everywhere. She laughs when she discovers them, takes pictures and posts them online. #happythermostat #cutechocchipcookie
Each time she stops to take a photo the face in question stares, judging and taunting me.
#cheekylittlelockerkey freaks me out. With its square eyes and inane grin, it seems to know things about me.
The faces all hate me. They delight in making me squirm. #angrydoorknob makes my stomach leap into my throat. I decide it wants to kill me and begin a habit of kicking the door open then running through fast.
I close my eyes in the kitchen to avoid #whistfulwhisk and #saucysaucepan . I know those two are plotting against me.
The faces have started to invade my dreams. I wake yelling and sweating. She’s there beside me, on her phone talking faces with her online friends. She stares at me, puzzled.
‘What’s up, Col?’
I’m shaking and can’t find my voice. She shrugs and glances back at her phone. Giggling, she shows me another face. I hide under the quilt, as if that can protect me from #ecstaticsamosa . I don’t want to look but feel compelled to. #sadnaanbread isn’t sad, it’s evil. That’s it. No more curries for me.
She searches for faces everywhere. My clothes on the chair. My bag. Me.
Or do they search her out to get to me?
I can hear her taking more pictures. She’s using the flash.
I hate those faces but I can’t ever tell her.
They make her so happy.


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