Round 84: Winners

Posted: November 10, 2015 in Winners
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Hello all. Welcome back. Many thanks to Marie McKay for judging this past weekend, and thanks to all who shared their stories. You’ll find Marie’s comments below.

Thank you, Rebecca, for this weekly contest, and thank you to the writers who participated, this time round, and allowed me to read their stories. Perhaps the spirit of Halloween persisted, dangling over us in the shape of intricate, twisted plot webs. Some stories were chilling. Others were short and philosophical. All were thoroughly enjoyable. But here’s to the business of judging:

Honourable Mention

Kate’s Twittering Goes Off Road  – by Catherine Connolly

I like stories that experiment with form, and the deliberately patchy nature of this story makes it so very, very eerie.


Headstones: by AJ Walker
It is the grand scale of this story that I enjoyed so much. Our headstones are the unfathomable machines we, humans, leave behind when our time on Earth is over. The explorers who reach our planet, at some point in the future, are unsure of the purpose of this machinery.

‘These pockets of archaeology are but snippets of an uninteresting past…’ There’s no trace of human life and worse than that, our entire existence seems to have been purposeless, our legacy insignificant.

our round 84 FLASH MASTER is…


Sal Page

with Those Faces

This story is quirky and humorous and very clever. The narrator’s girlfriend’s obsession with pareidolia is turning him into a very paranoid creature.
‘She sees faces everywhere… #cheekylittlelockerkey…#angrydoorknob
… #saucysaucepan… The faces all hate me. They delight in making me squirm.’
The narrator’s entire existence is taken over by his girlfriend’s hobby:
‘She searches for faces everywhere. My clothes on the chair. My bag. Me.

The ending, however, is what makes this the winner for me. It is quite beautiful. Our narrator cannot improve his situation
‘I hate those faces but I can’t ever tell her.
They make her so happy.’
His girlfriend’s face is the one face that’s important to him. Sad and lovely.

Congratulations, Sal! Your story will be featured as tomorrow’s HumpDay Quickie. Next weekend, AV Laidlaw returns for another round of judging. Thanks again Marie for judging. Hope to see you all next week.


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