Round 82: Winners

Posted: October 20, 2015 in Winners
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Hey all! Sorry for the late post; I’m packing and getting ready for a writers retreat so this will be short. Thanks to everyone who came out to write this past weekend and thanks a million times to Rebekah Postupak for judging.

Comments: Eyes hidden by hair, our prompt woman is dressed in black and white and is surrounded by bars and locks. It’s no surprise that her mysteries called to the mysteries in your own hearts, expressed in gritty noir tales, tales of hair, clever repartee and bleeding lines of dark poetry. With, apparently, a ironic secondary sub-contest (subversive contest??) for stories with the fewest words. A delight, as ever. Thank you for so generously pouring your stories into my thirsty imagination.

Honorable Mention

Rouge et Noir by Holly Geely: I love the fine line this story walks between wit and slapstick, between self-deprecation and utter arrogance. This is one of those wonderful flash pieces that makes one wish it were the beginning of a whole novel. Great fun.

Runner Up

Last Words First byRichard Edenfield: The world-building here was just wonderful: a world in which citizens are given a limited number of words to use in a lifetime. What I particularly liked about this piece was how the story didn’t rely on that concept to tell the story; instead, it plunged into the heart of a woman whose mind and heart harbored a canyon, a galaxy, of words. Some really good character development here, and I love how she ultimately finds a way to beat the system. Strong storytelling, engaging concept, and a textured character. Great work all round.

And our Round 82 FLASH MASTER is… 


Marie McKay

with Gone

It’s the last line that did me in: “But I knew in my monochrome heart the colour had gone; the black and white of me was all there was left.” It’s wonderful, sophisticated layering, turning a photographer’s impression into a metaphor beyond that. I love the story’s simplicity, its starkness, what isn’t said. There’s so much we aren’t told. Instead we are given the heartbreaking privilege of seeing inside the pain of the bereaved person, the inverse of the typical death story, the wrong side of the embroidery, so to speak. It almost feels as though we have invaded sacred space, and like the mother, we are forced to stand, sorrowing and helpless. Beautiful, breathtaking storytelling. 

Congratulations, Marie! Your story will be featured as tomorrow’s HumpDay Quickie! This weekend there will be a short break due to the aforementioned retreat, but we’ll be back Halloween Weekend with David Shakes as our judge. Thanks again, Rebekah for judging this round. I hope you all have a great week and I’ll see you for Round 83.


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