HumpDay Quickie #80

Posted: September 30, 2015 in Hump-Day Quickies
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Kite Children

by Sal Page

We come here once a year to witness their approach. Our only chance. Parting clouds glow golden as the kites appear beneath the brow of the hill. Jumping up, I hold my breath against the horror of a no-show. Bill holds me back. I can feel him trembling.

An explosive burst of light and colour. Everything’s bathed in pink. There they are! Screams and called out names. A man begins to sob.

Our boys are among the first. Kyle appears strong; a leader, close to being a man. His blond hair’s long. He looks horribly at home up there. Alvin has a cut on his knee. I should’ve dabbed on antiseptic, kissed it better and fetched him biscuits. Face set in concentration, his eyes shine bluer than ever.

Bill takes a swift succession of photos. A woman gasps nearby. Her twin granddaughters should be here. She didn’t see them last year. I hold up the toy kitten, scanning the gathering kites looking for … there she is!

Sky. What made me call her that? My baby. Still only six years old. Three have passed since she was home, five for the boys. We should never have brought her with us. We’re unable to address the subject of blame.

A brilliant rainbow arches across the hill; a semicircle framing the hundreds of kites. How do they live? What do they eat? They can’t possibly exist on clouds, rain drops and breaths of wind. And where do they sleep? I’d give anything to tuck them in again. Safe.

Sky’s giggling with her brothers. I’m overjoyed she’s happy and so glad they have each other. Within a matter of minutes I watch my children disappear over the horizon, laughing as they go.

They never acknowledge us.

Even if we could catch them, pin them down and bring them home, it wouldn’t work. Surgery to remove a child from living kite-skin hasn’t yet been successful. None have survived more than a day. They just fade away.

At least they’re alive and we’ve seen them. Others aren’t so lucky. We have to hope for progress.

And we have to hope they want to return.


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