Tuesday? Already? Long weekends are lovely, but they definitely make it tough to get back on track. For those of you who celebrated Labor Day, I hope you enjoyed your extra day. I spent mine traveling to visit my Swister and my nephew, Dib, who was kind enough to provide this week’s photo prompt. Karl had the duty of sifting thru the gold to find the shiniest nuggets, and you’ll find them below.

Children’s drawings can be an enlightening window into a strange, half remembered world. They reveal fears, hopes, dreams and misunderstandings and can give the viewer a rare glimpse into the inner workings of the artist’s world.

They can also reveal what scary little buggers kids can be.

Flash fiction can often work the same way, little slices of deeper insight that reveals as much about the author as the world and the characters they create.

And you can be scary little buggers too…

With such a wonderful prompt, we had a wide range of interpretations and I found something to love in all of them. But there can only be so many winners each week, so here goes with mine:

HM: The Special One by A.J. Walker

The creepiest of this week’s kids, acting with a self-assured malevolence to remove a rival, with a killer last line that reveals the true depth of his depravity and makes you fear for his future.

HM: Inside Out by F.E Clark

My own daughter is obsessed with the inside of things, and an early morning walk down the high street can take much longer than expected as she pauses to peer into every shuttered shop front and darkly inviting letter box. Co-opting the title of the Pixar movie for a far more sinister tale, F.E. takes this harmless activity and twists it into something altogether more worrying.

Second Runner Up: Tummy Full Of Monsters By Brian S. Creek

With a title like that and an entirely believable innocence, I expected a scare at the end, but instead got a reassuringly homely tale about the amazing efficacy of “pink medicine.” I’ve never heard of Calpol being used to combat the monsters under the bed, but I may get myself a bottle, just in case…

First Runner Up: Moon Acid in Frolicking Bourbon Cemetery Singing I Want To Be Sedated With Tyrone Power by Richard Edenfield

Swerving the kids altogether and kicking off with an intriguingly unwieldy title, Richard gives us a twisted tale of debauchery that recalls Fear & Loathing and Less Than Zero. Probably the most original take on the prompt this week, the format suggests a world both before and after the snapshot presented here and one which I would love to see more of.

And your Flash Master for the week is…

Steph Ellis

with Georgie

We finish as we started, with a very scary child. Told from the viewpoint of a ghost left behind when his resting place is relocated, Georgie gives us a likeable, sympathetic protagonist and seems to be pitting him against a far more malevolent spirit. Steph expertly misdirects us, leading us to expect a confrontation with The Man before revealing that the real monster is the much more mundane Mr Wilson, and suggesting a coalition of spectral forces that will take his well-deserved torment to terrifying new levels.

Congratulations, Steph! Your story will be featured as tomorrow’s HumpDay Quickie!  Thanks again to everyone who submitted this weekend, and thanks to Karl for judging. Next weekend, The Angry Hourglass gets some love from Rebekah Postupak of Flash! Friday fame as she descends from her dragony throne to walk among mortals and judge our flash fiction offerings. See you on Saturday!

  1. Pattyann McCarthy says:

    Fantastic stories, ALL and CONGRATULATIONS to everyone on the podium! Well-earned. 🙂

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