HumpDay Quickie #75

Posted: August 26, 2015 in Hump-Day Quickies
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by Brett Milam

The only possession Mateo had to his name was a worn-out picture of his wife and newborn baby back in Mexico.

He currently sat next to a wastebin meant for cigarettes. It was sturdy enough to support his back as he leaned against it. The trip across the border had left his back aching.

It took three days to get from Chihuahua to Texas, which Mateo didn’t understand since they bordered each other. But he put his faith in the smugglers.

Dos gringos, as Mateo would say, walked by him and flicked their used cigarettes toward the wastebin, but missed it and hit Mateo in the face.

“Pendejos,” Mateo muttered under his breath. His wife had warned him about his language before he crossed.

The two gringos turned around, one was stockier than the other, but both loomed over Mateo with ease. They both wore white tank tops with dirty sweat tattooed to their flabby pectoral muscles.

“What’d you say, greaser?” the stockier one said.

“Damn illegal scum, I bet he is. Think they can just come here and take our jobs, Joey,” the other said.

“And I bet he doesn’t know a lick of English; do you, José?” Joey said.

Mateo stood up off the wastebin.

“Me llamo es Mateo, cabrón,” Mateo said. He didn’t know what they they said, but he could tell by their body language they were mocking him.

Joey swung at Mateo, a wild, slow-moving fist. Mateo, smaller and more agile, ducked it and returned a fist to the man’s stomach.

His other friend sucker-punched Mateo in the jaw, knocking him to his knees. Joey regained his composure and grabbed Mateo by his black hair and slammed his head into the wastebin.

The blow knocked Mateo out, causing a gaping wound in his forehead.

“Fuckin’ greaser,” the smaller one said, spitting at Mateo.

“Let’s go,” Joey said.

As Mateo lay unconscious, others walked past him, not noticing him or his condition.

A man with a dog walked toward him. As the dog sniffed at the congealed blood, the man flicked a cigarette into the wastebin and pulled on the leash to keep the dog moving.


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