HumpDay Quickie #73

Posted: August 12, 2015 in Hump-Day Quickies
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Asteroid X-237

by Karl A. Russell

Myers sat on the doorstep of Heaven, removed his helmet and lit a cigarette. He’d been trying to ration them for the trip, but it didn’t seem important now.

Behind him, in the house, Pastor Janes broke off his sobbing for long enough to throw up again, then carried on.

Only Buckley seemed to be taking the discovery in his stride, standing by the landing module and watching the horizon, waiting for the main ship to dawn and reconnect the radio signal.

Myers watched him thoughtfully as he smoked. He drew his service revolver and aimed it.

“You’re not going to stop me,” Buckley said, without turning round.

Myers shrugged.

“I can’t let you send that message.”

“This is what we came for. The biggest discovery of all time. You want to stop me?”

Myers looked at his revolver, then slid it into its holster.

“I’d probably miss anyway; I was never that good on the range. So what are you going to tell them?”

“That we found Him, He’s dead, and everything else was a lie.”

“You really believe that?”

“Come on Myers, you saw it as well as I did. Janes certainly seems to believe it, but I think we’re in a new place now. A place beyond belief. We have facts instead.”

Myers stood and joined Buckley by the lander, watching the moons drift lazily by.

“What about the Russians though? We tell everyone and everything changes. The Russians will get to the moon first, we’ll pull out of Vietnam, the whole thing will fall apart.”

“So we stop fighting, start working together, maybe accept that we’re not all that different after all. Is that really such a terrible thought?”

“It’s easier for you; you were an atheist to begin with.”

Buckley grinned.

“That should make it harder. At least you were right.”

He pointed to a bright spot on the horizon.

“There’s the ship. Ready?”

Myers nodded.

Buckley reached for the radio.

Then Pastor Janes shot them both in the head.

He took the radio in his blood slick hands and dashed it to the rocks, then went to sit at his Lord’s right hand.

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