Humpday Quickie #72

Posted: August 5, 2015 in Hump-Day Quickies
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by Marie Mckay

He checked the timepiece he kept tucked inside his waistcoat pocket: 6 am on the dot.

His shoes polished to a reflection, the knot of his bow-tie a point of symmetry, he began the climb.

The climb was the best part. She was splendid on the approach, beautiful, not despite being utilitarian, but because of it. The latticed blades stretched out from their source; embracing their task, their readiness, shooting an electric energy through his veins.

Her strength gave him back the vigour the years had robbed him of. Her razor straight simplicity made him walk taller, made him think clearer.

As he reached the last step, he looked at her, as he always did, and marveled again at sheer purpose. The coil of his own complexity unraveling to make him sharper.

Inside, he shook out his umbrella, hung up his jacket, went through the basic mechanics before securing himself in the seat. Pulling the lever towards him, he felt the rumble of the giant vanes as they launched her through the sky.

He smiled as he felt her rising, rising writing circles in the wind.

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