HumpDay Quickie #71

Posted: July 29, 2015 in Hump-Day Quickies
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by Voima Oy

Across time, the train makes stops and starts. Signals flashing at the crossroads, you know the stops along this line. You take this train every day, morning and evening. You join the gray faces on the platform, bathed in the light of the screens. Everyone is somewhere else, now.

When you started, there were men in business suits, carrying briefcases and newspapers. The blue light of evening fell on the commuters as the conductor called the stops. You flirted across the newspapers, your bewitching eyes seduced them. “Who are you, where are you going?” They held the door for you, as you stepped off.

Looking out the windows, sometimes you imagined taking a different train, getting off at a different station, a town you never heard of, a place you’d never been. You imagined an old-fashioned town with a hardware store, a courthouse, a diner. It was always summer there.

You imagined a different life, a little house with the porch light on.

You imagined grinding coffee in the morning.

You imagined children tumbling down the stairs.

It gets dark so early, these days. Looking out the window, you count the lights of the distant houses. Whose face is this, reflected in the glass? In a minute, you’ll remember. You look around to see there is no one else on the train. Where is the conductor? Why is it snowing outside?

These days, the stations are empty. The train doesn’t stop anymore.


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