Round 71: Winners

Posted: July 28, 2015 in Winners
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Hello again,  my lovelies! It’s time again to announce winners. Thanks again to everybody who submitted stories this week and to Pattyann McCarthy for judging. You’ll find her comments below.

My thanks to Rebecca for giving us Writer’s a great space to exercise our writerly muscles each week. My hardhat’s off to you for running a fantastic site!

Props to Steven Stucko for being the first to submit, and congratulations to everyone for entering your stories! They’re all fantastic and it’s tough to choose the winners, but it has to be done. Reading, as you know is subjective, so here is my take on each of your stories.

Puddle Jumper by: Stevenstucko

So sad, this story of loss and survival where you’ve nicely shown the confusion in the aftermath of a tragedy. I felt the exuberance of Scott’s hope when he saw the railroad tracks, and I agree the last line would probably be a thought in his mind and that he would run to safety rather than take the time to address it. Nicely done, Steve.

P.S. I never did like Puddle Jumpers, and now I see why.

Red by: caseyrosefrank

You gave us a great description of the sweet enchantment of childhood summers. Then, how adulthood opens our eyes to a different viewpoint, red, no longer carefree childhood fun, but danger. Your use of ‘red’ throughout your story lends a nice pacing adding to the build-up of possible tragedy, and I’m happy she survived.

Sold by: Stephellis

Fantastic story. It’s evil right to its sinister core. The teleportation is a nice touch. I’m a sucker for Sci-Fi and this satisfied my tooth for it. I never expected his parents to be ‘that’ cruel and devious! Great last line, ‘Sons provided for their parents… and that was as it should be.’ This story unnerved me and lingered with me through the night.

Flash Burn by: Joey To

What a great name for a new flash fiction site, ‘The Flashing Pen.’ Lady Radiation is a nice touch and a tip o’ the hat to Rebecca! My favorite line in here, ‘He hammered his keyboard like a drunk. This was because he was drunk,’ made me laugh! Loved the finish too, ‘The aroma of barbeque filled the house.’ I’m a huge sucker for a good barbeque!

All The Time In The World by: A V Laidlaw

This story is so creative with the Fast and the Slow. What a nice person Billy is, or is he too tired to make these difficult choices anymore? I love the line, ‘The oligarchs didn’t want the sick in their time-stretched playground.’ Made me feel like they are selfish little children, and I hope we never meet any oligarchs’ here in our world! I like that Billy allowed the petrified couple into the Slow, giving them another year of time to inhale love. Very nice.

Going Nowhere by: Sonya

Love that you de-lurked; stay out of the shadows and dance with us! This is written nicely, Sonya. You’ve painted a great picture here, and ah, the struggles between partners. Always wrangling, compromising, we would hope, but this is tinged with a sadness that they’re on a different page, their desires too far apart to reconcile. Well-done, and no more staying in the shadows!

The Meeting by: mariemck1

I was hooked with the first line, ‘Red light nail polish and fishnet tights, she’s walking tall in six inch heels,’ but I never saw that ending coming! Poor Jake, making a deal with ‘the Man’, wanting more time with his little girl. I love, ‘Death’s a bitch,’ and the last line, ‘She sure is,’ croaks the old guy.’ Brilliant making the spirit of death a woman in fishnets and stilettos!

Stations by: Voima Oy

Fantastic story! I read it three times. You give us so much emotion in such a little space. It’s slathered with loneliness, sadness, regret and unrealized wishes and dreams. The ending pulled my heartstrings into a phrase of tears and it stuck with me long through the night. Nice writing.

Kernel Panic by: Necwrites

What a fun story! Is it normal for a human to be attracted to an Autobot, Maxine, or something of its kind? This Autobots internal dialogue is priceless, and I love the way it drives the story into a total meltdown. The last line, ‘“Somebody help! My girlfriend—She’s on fire!” is hysterical!

The A – Z of Wells by: Geoff Holme

This story is fun! The chattiness is a nice play back and forth. It’s well-done and certainly well-thought out. I can envision these women in ‘any’ time period having the same conversation over a cup of tea, or a glass of wine. My favorite lines in here are, “It’s not exactly a well-kept secret, darling.” Rosanne retorted. “Don’t tell me that you thought his trouser pockets were simply well-lined!” Ha-ha! I’m still laughing over that zinger, though, I don’t think Xanthippe (What a name!) is getting the best of the three.

Honorable Mentions, in the order they’re submitted:

Flash Burn, by Joey To: Because I like to laugh and I love a good barbeque. That’s right, grab for the important thing, your adult bevvie; don’t go for the useful gun! I’m sure he wouldn’t have achieved a proper aim in his condition anyway! Great fun.

All The Time In The World, by A V Laidlaw: Just your average (?) midnights’ ride in the Fast lane, hoping for more time in the land of the Slow. The invention of a new land, a new way of life is fantastic, I just hope it doesn’t happen here!

Kernel Panic, by Necwrites: For Camala’s weird taste in women, if that’s what you want to call Maxine! The Autobots dialogue skewered this Honorable, and laughing keeps my blood pressure down, so thank you. This is so fun!

Third Place:

The Meeting, by mariemck1: Love that the spirit of death is a woman and the stilettos and fishnets did me in; she seems a bitch all right, and that’s okay with me!

Second Place:

Sold, by Steph Ellis: As I’ve said, I’m a sucker for Sci-Fi, and the sinister core running through this piece kept me glued to the page!


And our Round 71 FLASH MASTER is . . .


Voima Oy

with Stations

This piece is so emotive and I love stories that tug at me and make my heart cry; stories that cling to me, to my skin, like the humidity before a thunderstorm. Perhaps someday, the train will stop once again!

Congratulations, Voima! Your story will be featured as tomorrow’s HumpDay Quickie! Next weekend Catherine Connolly is back to try another round of Flash Frenzy judging. Hope to see you all there. 🙂

  1. Sonya says:

    Congratulations to all the winners! And thank you for the warm welcome, everyone 🙂

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