HumpDay Quickie #70

Posted: July 22, 2015 in Hump-Day Quickies
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by Foy S. Iver

“What story is this you ask? You mean how was it born.

How is any story born? In solitude or the company of friends? Is it an art learned through credit hours and coffee-blood? Or are you born with all your stories inside your flesh, growing in the womb like a silver tongue tucked between uncut teeth?

Can any of us tell the shape of a story, what dictates its totality?

Must it have a beginning? An end? A tortuous middle? Is it a moment, over as it begins, or a history, tangled in its own length? Must it gleam like my marble eyes, be sharp as my razored teeth, or tease the imagination as my body does now? What is a story?! Who can know…

Does that answer your question?”

The window washer stared, suds sopping down his right sleeve. He opened his mouth, pencilled mustache twitching in confusion.

“Emm, what story is this?”

The shark blinked.

“Oh…third floor.”

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