HumpDay Quickie #67

Posted: July 1, 2015 in Hump-Day Quickies
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Some Other Time

by Pattyann McCarthy

Gun totin’, cigarette smokin’, pot tokin’, alcohol induced, ignorant peeps. Nope. It ain’t because they tote guns; I’m favorable. En, it ain’t cause of ciggs and pot smokin’, and it definitely ain’t the drinkin’ either, I’m favorable there too. Nope, I say, it’s the ignorance. That’s what gets me. Outright ‘ignorance.’ It’s the blind eye an all that. That’s why our planet died.

You’d think in 3054 we’d be smarter. I come from an era where choosin’ right from wrong was important. Guess we thunk Earth would take care of ʼerself. We thunk we’d be wearin’ cool plastic clothes by now and we thought, well, we thought this future of ours would resemble that ancient movie, ‘Back to the Future,’ or some shit. What? I remember that movie. They run em’ here all the time on TCM. Yup, Turner television’s here too. Full frontal nudity is commonplace prime time. My Evelyn’s prolly rolling in er grave back home.

We should’a taken better care of that planet. I miss it damn-it. Now, I’m stuck here on this dumbass dull sphere with no colors and all these ignorant people that shipped here with me. You believe the powers that be, biggest dumbasses of all, asked me ta give up ma suspenders when I got here? They said I needed ta try an fit in. Why for fuck sake? I don’t give a good GD, if you’ll ignore my French. I ain’t gonna walk around in no Disposies, as they call’em. They’re not plastic, but GD, they look stupid as shit! Look like diapers, and you know, I’m not apposed to be swearin’ either, it’s illegal, another GD.

Who cares about all that BS when those same dumbasses are workin’ on destroyin’ this planet! Pretty good start too. We piled so much trash on Earth that it moved out of its gravity a millionth of an inch. One more rocket load-full, Earth’s gonna fall on us, so we ain’t got no choice but to rubbish up this planet an, it’s dyin’ already. It’s GD corrupt; people are corrupt, ta Government’s corrupt. Thank God we got ciggs, pot and booze; makes it GD tolerable.


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