Greetings, writers. This week’s prompt was a toughie, but the flash dogs could not be dissuaded from telling its story. Many thanks to those who submitted and to F.E. Clark for judging. You’ll find her comments below.

What a fabulously intriguing photo prompt – I can honestly say that I am not sure what I would have written about had I been taking part this week. 

13 of you awesome writers wrote – and here’s the thing – that makes you ALL WINNERS right there.  STOP with the eye-rolling and shoulder shrugging, right now! The following is just my take as a reader/writer myself.

Thanks, as always, to Rebecca – who makes this a place for us to come and play.  F. E. Clark.

In the order they came:

Swan Song

‘The three girls, all sophomores on Spring Break from Syracuse University, zig-zagged up the beach.’   How easily we are corrupted, and in what should be such pleasant carefree circumstances.  Addiction passed down, fighting it and failing.  The paragraph describing the 3 songs really shows the altered state fuzziness and depth of memory of the main character.  (Also – well done for submitting first!).

Summer Dying Fast

‘…closing out the sounds of summer beneath a blanket of metal.’  A spec. fiction other world, created in such a short piece.  Brilliant last line – perhaps a longer piece is brewing too?

Some Other Time

‘It’s the blind eye an all that. That’s why our planet died.’  This character’s voice made me smile a little, and listen – a lot.  ‘Back to the Future’ still being re-run in 3054 – Gawd help us.


‘…all he held aloft was a cheap plastic tulip.’  Here’s to Libby-Liberty.  70 words – from what I’ve seen this is rather rare – not using most of the word allocation.  Tight with imagery that echoed after I read it.

All Summer Long

“What happens when the summer ends?”  From that fabulous end of college summer, to picking up and running – temptation and good sense prevailing.  Go Janice!

Friends Like This

‘Fallout would be like an atomic bomb going off.’  Friends like this indeed – crossed agendas corrupted by desire, makes me want to shout and warn the characters.

Last Chance

‘Of course by friends I mean she knew my name, and was never nasty to me in case she ever needed help again.’ I like the self-depreciating humour of this character, and I do hope he did walk over – maybe the beginning of a longer tale? 

Chris and Mike vs The Thing Beneath the Sand

‘…party goers scattered like pigeons being chased by a toddler.’  Although there was shooting and killing in this piece, it made me smile.  What I find most interesting though, is that we never hear what ‘The Thing’ looks like, or is……and it works so well as a story.  Hope to hear more from Chris and Mike.

A Time For Choosing

You fetch up onshore, drenched, coughing the vestiges of the river’s bitterness from your oesophagus onto the jagged rocks beneath your knees.’  Beautiful imagery in this piece, and the Matrix like choice – leaves me wanting to hear what happened next.

“Family Time”

“Well that’s because this picture is…umm…well it’s special.”  Written in dialogue only – perfectly describing the awkwardness/embarrassment of children seeing into their parent’s past.  ‘Ewwww.’  With an all too believable twist at the end from the sibling.

Of The Moment

‘…feeling the moment up against her skin.’  A main character called Hel…..or is she.  Love the idea of these two chatting and also the reference to ‘the old guard’ – a different take. 

All the Colors of the Sun

‘They long to hold the sun in their hands.’  Filled with longing and broken dreams – this beach – a place where the myth is unveiled.  Love the idea of the woman being the ‘all the songs of summer’ to the man.  Beautiful title.

Re-made Man

‘Before I knew it, I was in bed with the wrong people.’  Corruption and politics – is this character a good man or not…..a new start and that killer last line, but somehow I am still rooting for him.  Possibly the beginning of a longer story? 


THIRD PLACE – Of The Moment by Catherine Connolly

Hedonism and Corruption – love the idea of those two having a chat….and wondering who else might be around; a different take on the prompt.

SECOND PLACE – LoveWins by Mark A. King

You there, with your 70 words and plastic tulip – I liked this very much.

And our week 67 FLASH MASTER is…


Pattyann McCarthy


Some Other Time

Cynical, cantankerous, fab character, made me smile despite dire circumstances – YES for this voice.

Congratulations, Pattyann! Your story will be featured as Wednesday’s HumpDay Quickie! Please contact me here with any bio information, publications, links to personal sites, or any other information you would like to appear on your winner’s page.

I’m still recruiting judges for July, so depending on my success, next week will either continue as scheduled with a new photo prompt, or there will be a Flash Master Face Off. Tune in next Saturday to see.


  1. Pattyann McCarthy says:

    Thank you so much Ms. Clark! I’m jazzed over this win. Such an incredible honor! 😀

  2. feclark says:

    Hi Pattyann – you’re very welcome – thanks for giving us such a fabulous character 🙂

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