HumpDay Quickie #66

Posted: June 24, 2015 in Hump-Day Quickies
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Lost in Transmission

by Steph Ellis

My life had been stone-walled … literally; random messages, excerpts of private thoughts – all taken out of context – were projected onto stone pathways and brick monstrosities. Morning, noon and night, my mind released its contents to the outside world and there was nothing I could do to stop it. Privacy had become foreign to me and now I had to hide from the world to avoid bruising encounters.

It had all started with the new Think Aloud cell phones; a technological breakthrough which rendered the physical effort of text and speech unnecessary. The chip in the cell was powerful enough to detect and translate the electrical impulses in the brain, it could literally read your mind and transmit the message from source in an almost telepathy. And then the phone itself became obsolete, replaced by a chip under the skin.

Of course we went wild for it. I queued overnight to be amongst the first to get the latest version and as they embedded the chip, I felt no concern, only excitement at the possibilities open to me.

And for a while all was wonderful. I could send messages to the other side of the world and not just words, but pictures, videos, songs, all by just thinking it.

But I drew the short straw. I got the faulty model.

Initially, it wasn’t too bad, just a missing word or two. Then it happened. Happy recollections of the previous night were suddenly projected onto a nearby apartment block. All in glorious X-rated detail. My girlfriend was mortified and fled the city until our notoriety died down. When she returned she dumped me rather than suffer such embarrassment again.

The Support desk was useless, ‘Please press Reset’ and ‘Have a nice day’.

Nor could I remove it. The chip had fused with skin, had become part of me; a side-effect warned about on insertion as I signed the disclaimer.

Soon however, it wasn’t just me. Chip after chip failed and communications went into meltdown. All meaning had been lost. Now we all hide from each other, not speaking, not trusting, not listening.

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