Round 65: Winners

Posted: April 28, 2015 in Winners
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Hey all – The hour is late and I’ve got some news to share once the celebrating is over, so let’s get to it. Thanks to everybody who came out and wrote stories this past weekend, and thanks to Jaime Burchard for reading and judging. You’ll find his comments below.

First off, Ashwin Rao, what an excellent picture to start off one of my favorite rounds here at the Angry Hourglass. Almost all of you hit this hard, and you folks gave me an overall entertaining night of great reading.

Third Place: A.J. Walker – “In Three Pieces”

I’m a sucker for back-and-forth dialogue, and here it’s given in a very snappy treatment that reminds me well of the 1950’s. The biggest thing going for it though? Its decision to shake it up. Bitter enemies, flash photography, a grand opening and that ending? Yep, definitely the 1950’s.

Second Place: stevenstucko – “The Family Zoo”

There’s no denying the charm this story gives off. The entire read felt like it was chosen words for a narrator to read on the zoo’s History channel treatment, or even the recollection of a fond friend. It’s detailed, easy-going and it has a great pace. Look forward to more of Steven’s work.

and our Round 65 FLASH MASTER is…


Foy S. Iver

with “Stephen Steinhart, Ribbon Cutter”

“But what do I know? I’m just the instrument.” These last two sentences were icing on the cake for a story that simply had it all. The nifty concept being backed up by great dialogue? Check. The obvious care the author went into telling us about a man with an odd profession? Check. It’s fearless in its execution, and its confidence won me over big time. Outstanding work, Foy.

Congratulations, Foy! Your story will be featured as tomorrow’s HumpDay Quickie. Please contact me here with any bio information, publications, links to personal sites, or any other information you would like to appear on your winner’s page.

And now for some “bad” news. The Angry Hourglass will be taking a brief hiatus. I am currently studying for my pathology boards, and as the test dates draw ever more near, I need to focus my attentions. There will be a Flash Master Face Off the first week in June, and the Flash Frenzy Weekend Challenge will return on June 13th. In the mean time, don’t forget all the other wonderful flash fiction challenges that will help to satisfy your flash fiction needs during my absence: Flash! Friday, Finish That Thought, Micro Bookends, Luminous Creatures, Flash Mob, and any others I may have missed. Thank you, friends, for your efforts here every weekend. I hope you’ll join me in just a few short weeks when Flash Frenzy resumes.

  1. […] Congratulations to A.J. Walker and Steven Stucko also! […]

  2. stevenstucko says:

    Thanks Foy, I’ll come in second place after you any day.

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