Round 64: Winners

Posted: April 21, 2015 in Winners
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Hey, hipsters! Way to rock the record store world. Once again I’d like to thank everyone who submitted stories this weekend as well as Voima Oy for judging. You’ll find her comments below.

Many thanks for hosting this wonderful gathering.  Thanks to Ashwin Rao for this great photo in honor of Record Store Day. 

A vinyl record, a record store–what  does this suggest? The inspired stories you wrote are  evocative of many things. Thank you writers for these marvelous stories.  It’s an honor to read and judge this Round 64. 

Here are my comments—

Like Suzi, by Sal Page—I love this story for the way it evokes a time when pop music changes your world. This girl is so young and insecure–she wants to be cool like that, layered haircut and a leather jacket. She’s not like Suzi, or  Lolita, but what about Ken?  I have a bad feeling about him. 

Taking Names, by A.J. Walker– Love the dialogue–“You don’t look like a Brian, Brian” and this transition–“Sam couldn’t remember leaving the club…” Great puns and humor, but the ending is quite chilling. The devil’s music, indeed!

Earworm, by Steph Ellis–Truly diabolical!  This talent show is so dark and sinister with this Simon and his master. All the singers “dying to perform”– the needle playing them is worthy of  Kafka.  Scary and deeply disturbing.  So well-done!

All Creatures Great and Small, by Image Ronin–A minotaur in a record store? Love it!  Such mayhem ensues, and I can picture it so clearly. (I do feel sorry for  Chaz, tho.)  Trapping the beast in the soundtrack for the Labyrinth is just perfect touch. Brilliant!

The Library, by Catherine Connolly–This story is  a more introspective piece,  a record store as a refuge, a sanctuary for music  and memory–a library, yes. The use of second person is very effective–you are there, in the proprietor’s thoughts. Beautiful! 

For the Record, by Steven Stucko–There may be a  generation gap in their musical tastes, but music is also a way for this father and daughter to connect.  Love this line–“I do feel angry and depressed.”  How skillfully the mother is woven into this, and ties them together. Great story!

From Beyond the Groove, by Brian S. Creek–Such a spooky story!  The uncanny element of being trapped in the record. Great dialogue makes the characters so vivid and real. 50 years?  Yes,  it’s  the future for one, but …

Book Burning, by Stella Turner–Time is in this, like the notes of the song they used to sing together. Was he a famous singer?  This line is amazing–“I often wondered if he had children. I didn’t.”  But it’s all past, now. Even the book on positive thinking is no longer needed.  Sad and beautiful story. 

She Liked Old things, by Shannon–Here’s a story about the real appeal of vinyl records and other things of days ago. There’s a connection through time, meeting  a musical soul mate.  “Memories infused in shiny black vinyl.” Gorgeous!

Falk – Soul Transcript No. 616468, by Foy S. Iver–Wow!  This seems to be a detective story told through dialogue–disembodied voices and garble–the case involves  a mystery and a murder–“It was taking their souls.” But who is listening to this recording? My head is spinning round and round with this one. Great job!

Steps, by Rebecca Postupak–What do discarded princesses and an old witch have to do with old records? This is a story of things that once were magical and evocative, like fairy tales and  vinyl records–they all have their stories. Maybe this is why we write and create our worlds in words. This  is the power of imagination and connection. This is where the stories are. 

Thank you again for your wonderful stories. Here are the results–

Special Mentions–

Falk Soul Transcript No. 616468–for making my head spin

All Creatures Great and Small– for a minotaur and a labyrinth

Steps–it’s down the stairs where you find the stories

She Liked Old things–for “memories infused in shiny black vinyl”

Beyond the Groove–for great dialogue and spooky story

Honorable Mentons–

For the Record–for music and connection

Earworm–for “dying to perform” 

Book Burning–for what is said, and not said.

2nd Runner Up– Catherine Connolly with The Library–where the music plays for you

1st Runner Up—Sal Page with Like Suzi–Pop music and layers and what about Ken

And your Round 64 FLASH MASTER is…


A.J. Walker 

with Taking Names

Vinyl euphoria, indeed. This story not only made great use of the photo, the dialogue and details make for a great story. It’s so artfully told, you don’t see what’s really going on, much like Sam can’t remember leaving the club. Fiendishly clever!

Congratulations, A.J.! Your story will be featured as Wednesday’s HumpDay Quickie! Please contact me here with any bio information, publications, links to personal sites, or any other information you would like to appear on your winner’s page.

I’m in the process of finding a replacement judge for next week, but rest assured we’ll be back and ready to rock on Saturday. Hope to see you all there.


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