HumpDay Quickie #63

Posted: April 15, 2015 in Hump-Day Quickies
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The Girls in the Volcano
By Voima Oy

For generations, the people of the island  lived with the volcano. They were accommodating, having built their towns in the shadow of eruptions. The ash was good for growing things.

In the old days, it was said a goddess lived in the volcano, demanding and hungry. Every spring, girl children were sent to feed her. They were honored with feasting and flowers.

The girls would never grow old, never know the sadness of this world. They would live with the goddess in the volcano,  keeping her company. They would live  in a place where the afternoons are endless and they take turns braiding each others’ hair.

This is the legend, but the experts on volcanoes  say this is not  the way it is. The girls  most certainly died a violent death–suffocation, incineration.  There is no  hot-tempered goddess  who wakes and demands to be fed.  However, there are measurable seismic forces, and there is nothing to do but get out of the way.  This is the way it is, today.

There is no garden in the lava chamber, they say. There is no circle of dancing girls. The images you see on the robot cameras are patterns you want to see. Those features are not faces.

Now, the volcano  was waking up again. Inside the caldera, red-hot lava was rising, flowing out to meet the sea.

  1. mariemck1 says:

    Really clever story, Voima.The ‘are patterns you want to see’ line is amazing. What a briliant direction to take the prompt in. Congratulations.

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